Best Forza Horizon 5 steering wheels 2024 (2024)

Forza Horizon 5 is an open-world racing game that marries accessible arcade-like racing mechanics with a variety of simulation-adjacent settings and options. There's a nearly endless amount of content regardless of the type of racer you are, and all of it can be improved with the addition of a compatible steering racing wheel. Playground Games baked even better support into FH5 for racing wheels; players can ramp up the realism to a whole new level by investing in one of the best steering wheels for Forza Horizon 5 on Xbox and PC.

Best Forza Horizon 5 Steering Wheels

Best Forza Horizon 5 steering wheels 2024 (1)

Logitech G923 (Xbox & PC)

Most well-rounded

The Logitech G923 is by far one of the best all-around options for those looking for an excellent and long-lasting steering wheel, because the company includes a thoughtful blend of quality, features, and years of great support. This setup includes the steering wheel and pedals, but a dedicated shifter is an optional additional purchase.

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Thrustmaster TMX (Xbox & PC)

Budget without compromise

If you're looking to dip your toes into a competitive racing wheel setup and don't want to break the bank, the Thrustmaster TMX is one of the best options out there. It makes smart compromises like plastic pedals and no external shifter, but keeps great force feedback and build quality at an affordable price point.

Best Forza Horizon 5 steering wheels 2024 (3)

Ultimate performance

For those who are willing to splash some extra cash to feel like they're actually driving a car in their living room, Thrustmaster offers the TS-XW. Modeled after a real-life wheel, complete with exceptional build quality and attention to detail, the Thrustmaster TX-XW is a premium, if exorbitantly expensive, steering wheel guaranteed not to disappoint.

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Logitech G920 (Xbox & PC)

Big savings

The Logitech G920 is the predecessor to the incredible G923, and has enjoyed some hefty discounts since its replacement's release. This means you can secure a still-awesome racing wheel with high-end build quality, three medal pedals, and an optional stick shifter. While the G923 is still the nicer (and newer wheel), you can't argue with these savings.

Best Forza Horizon 5 steering wheels 2024 (5)

Thrustmaster T150 (PC)

Alternative PC budget

The Thrustmaster T150 shares some similarities with the TMX option listed above, but there are a few differences in design and wheel rotation. The T150 can also sometimes be found at a lower price than the TMX, potentially making it an even more tempting budget option.

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Luxury driving

Fanatec is a well-known name in the competitive simulation racing world because the company is behind some of the highest-quality (and most expensive) racing wheel setups available. The CSL DD is one of the most well-rounded platforms from Fanatec, and is a modular system that lets players build exactly what they want. Keep in mind, however, that you'll end up spending quite a lot.

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Best Steering wheels for Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 features better support for racing steering wheels than any of its predecessors, making it more tempting than ever before to invest in a dedicated setup. If you're after immersive racing in Playground Games' open-world racer, the best by far is the Logitech G923, which features the most reasonable blend of features, quality, and price. This steering wheel is also supported by Xbox and PC and has an optional dedicated shifter.

If you're looking to dabble in Forza Horizon 5 racing steering wheels without spending a ton of money, the Thrustmaster TMX is another great option, with still-great build quality and force feedback on Xbox and PC. On the other end of the spectrum, the Fanatec CSL DD platform is modular, letting you build the exact setup you're seeking. Just be aware you'll be splashing down a ton of cash for this class-leading experience, as Fanatec is a high-end brand known for exuding quality.

Steering wheels are in incredibly high demand at the moment, so stock and prices can fluctuate a lot for specific models. If the wheel for you isn't available right now, check back in regularly for updates. Whatever racing steering wheel you decide to invest in, the rebuilt physics systems, improved force feedback, additional settings, and wide range of supported wheels in Forza Horizon 5 are sure to ramp up what is one of the best racing experiences Playground has ever created.

Forza Horizon 5 has already established itself as one of the best racing games you can play, and it's made even better when paired with one of the best Xbox racing wheels or best PC racing wheels.

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Thrustmaster T248X racing wheel + $75 Dell gift card $475 $269.99 at Dell

Saving $130 on the critically acclaimed Thrustmaster T248X racing wheel is already a tantalizing proposition, but Dell is also throwing in a free $75 promo gift card to its shop with the purchase. Don't need a gift card? Amazon is matching Dell's sale price.

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Best Forza Horizon 5 steering wheels 2024 (2024)
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