Guanajuato barn find forza horizon 5 (2024)


Guanajuato barn find forza horizon 5 (2)

To make things easier for you, the university actually has a small icon on the map inside Guanajuato if you zoom in enough. Naturally, the university is located inside the city of Guanajuato and you will be heading into the heart of the city. NeonCity Photo Challenge Guide – Forza Horizon 5įor this week, you need to head over to the university in Guanajuato and snap your favorite Track Toy car with it. This Forza Horizon 5 NeonCity Photo Challenge Guide will help you complete this week’s guide easily. This week, we have a new photo challenge that requires you to take a picture with yet another Neon Tank. With a new week ahead, we have a fresh set of challenges that are live right now in the game for you to complete and earn brand-new rewards. You have a 1 week wait until its ready to add to your collection.Ī cutscene plays out: Your character walks around the car making a list of parts needed.Įach item needed is a task to complete & each one completed shortens the “add to collection” time frame & applies a perminant upgrade discount to the car.Autumn season has arrived in Forza Horizon 5 and the Midnights at Horizon festival is in full swing. You open the barn/shack/shed and discover a heavily damaged car, the horizon staff member asks if they should take it back to the horizon garage or if you wanted to deal with this one as a passion project?Ī cut scene plays out: Horizon staff member guestering to someone backing up a flatbed ready to load.You find the location and call it in, a Horizon staff member meets you there….You make a note of the details/clues and try to solve the riddle/puzzle….Radio interview, Radio rumor, Ingame call, Ingame txt message, etc… You get a notification ingame, this can be from:.Has to cater to those who dont mind some costs or time investment… Has to cater to those who dont want additional tasks… Has to cater to those who hate to spend ingame money… You find an engine in an old disused garage & after some investigation you locate the original owner, who still has the original car body…īeen trying to think of a way that might suit all (impossible task i know) but how about this….An abandoned baja truck long forgotten, last seen when it sunk into the lake….A smashed up rally car buried & lost under thick bush & a mud-slide….This is just 1 example of how the Barn-Finds could be upated for a future Horizon game, other ideas could be: Loaded with the supplies, you drive the truck to the barn…Ĭutscene showing the bonnet up, you adding oil and the car starts n revs with a cloud of smoke.Īfter the cutscene you are now back in the world, with a car (under a cover) on your flat-bed and its time to drive back home for repair/upgrade/paint…

Guanajuato barn find forza horizon 5 (3)

When you collect the items, you get the option to take FREE ones or BUY some, if you purchase the items it reduces the “repair-&-add-to-garage” time but if time isnt an issue, you collect the free items…Īfter you have all the items you return home and get into the flatbed truck. Then lastly back to our designated Home to get the rope & trailer… Then drive to Alejandra’s garage as she said she has some wheels we can have… You make a list of the parts you need, some wheels, tires, oil, rope and a trailer and set off to gather the itemsįirst off to the Wilds Festival to collect some rugged used tires… However the car is heavily damaged and will require some parts before we can remove it… They supply you with the details they have…Īs you explore the map, trying to solve the clue, you come across what looks like an old barn/shed/storage container, you drive up, open the door and discover the car - Its here!! They notify you about a rumour, a story in a magazine, overheard a convo etc about a car thats been abandoned, if we can find it we can keep it… You get a call/text message from a Horizon staff member… Your currently driving around the map or completed a specific task A concept idea for a future instalment to the franchise…įor the purpose of the example, i will use FH5’s map & characters to help illustrate the idea


Guanajuato barn find forza horizon 5 (2024)
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