Released - 2019 Toyota 4Runner (Update 08/07 - 2024 Update) (2024)

Welcome to the Toyota 4Runner for BeamNG!

(153 Mb)

After the huge sucess of the Land Rover Defender, I felt I should do another vehicle, and this time, since the new Defender is still an on-going debate on whether is a true off-roader or not, I figured the 5th Gen 4Runner, being one of the last 'pure' old school off-road vehicles on sale with body on frame and 4 link suspension among other things would be a perfect choice.

Just like the Defender, yes, the 4Runner TRD Pro comes straight from Forza Horizon 5, but at the same time, just like that car, a lot of work has been put to exceed the quality found on the original game and make it as good as possible on BeamNG.

Here are some of the current features of the mod:​

  • 3D model port from Forza Horizon 5 (4Runner TRD Pro), with Gavril Roamer mechanicals and drivetrain, and adapted jbeaming (Some bits from the Cherrier Tograc and Hirochi Sunburst were borrowed as well to fill some gaps in the structure)​

  • 12 configs:​

    • SR5
    • 40th Anniversary (Based on the SR5, with all features from the real car including badges and skin)
    • TRD Pro 2014 MY
    • TRD Pro 2019 MY
    • TRD Pro 2022 MY
    • TRD Pro Off-Road (With front bullbar, snorkel and tow hitch)
    • TRD Pro Off-Road Extreme (Light interior, off-road suspension, off-road bumpers and roof cargo rack among others)
    • TRD Pro Race (With spoiler and sport parts)
    • TRD Pro Tow (With 3.3L V6 Diesel Engine)
    • Bad Guys (Blacked-out movie baddie SUV)
    • Bling (Black-matte paint, giant golden rims, golden trim, lowered, powered up...a mess!)
    • Police (With police equipment inside and out, including a BCPD skin and custom rear seats and door panels)
  • Added custom textures, full lighting support, including interior buttons (with flashing hazard button)​

  • Realistic weight and engine figures (up to a certain point at least)​

  • Several optional engine and transmission choices, most based on real Toyota parts, including the following engine swaps:​

    • SR20DE I4 from Nissan (Mesh from the Ibishu 200BX)
    • 2TR-FE from Toyota
    • 1GD-FTV from Toyota
    • 2GR-FKS 3.5 V6 from the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro (Complete actual mesh)
    • 3UR-FE 5.7 V8 from the Toyota Tundra TRD Pro (Complete actual mesh)
  • Fully working gauges, with info shown in the digital screens (Gear, Temperature...) as well as working clock in the dash and custom infotainment system start-up​

  • Openable doors all around (Including Hood and Tailgate)​

  • 0.31 Physical Mirrors support​

  • Foldable Mirrors​

  • Shiflogic mod by default0.0player bulit in​

  • Animated shifter movement between different gears (P, N and R)​

  • Skin Support (Please check F.A.Q. for details)​

  • Custom interior color skin schemes, including:​

    • Black
    • Tan
    • Brown
  • SR5 parts included​

    • Front bumper
    • Interior
    • Rims
    • Fully paintable hood
    • No scoop hood
    • Fully painted hood
    • Fully painted tailgate
    • Sides lettering
  • MY2022 parts included
    • Digital Climate Control
    • Current Style Infotainment System
    • Current Style Gauges
    • Fully recreated and functional, with calibrated gauges and updated digital screen
    • Steering Wheel
    • Steering Column
    • Mirror-mounted Indicators
    • Door Panels
    • Shifter
    • Rear tailgate garnish with buttons instead of a keyhole
  • Accurate headlight projection via Realistic Headlights mod
  • Optional body with no sunroof
  • Optional rims from the Tacoma TRD Pro and Tundra TRD Pro
  • Optional US headlights (With highbeams acting as DRLs)
  • Optional tinted glass​

  • Optional black and golden badging​

  • Optional plastic, chrome and golden door handles​

  • Optional plastic door mirrors​

  • Optional dash inserts and gear shifters​

  • Optional front bash bumper​

  • Sunroof cover available both opened and closed​

  • Optional racing wing​

  • Correctly animated engine parts (fan, pulleys) and interior parts (pedals, steering wheel, signal stalk)​

  • 23 OEM color options:​

    • Army Green​

    • Barcelona Red​

    • Black​

    • Blizzard​

    • Cavalry Blue​

    • Cement​

    • Classic Silver​

    • Ice Cap​

    • Inferno​

    • Lime Rush​

    • Lunar Rock​

    • Magnetic Gray​

    • Midnight Black​

    • Nautical Blue​

    • Quicksand​

    • Salsa Red​

    • Shoreline Blue​

    • Solar Octane​

    • Super White​

    • Terra​

    • Underground​

    • Voodoo Blue
    • Wind Chill
  • Trigger box for the hazards button
  • Support for BeamNG's Tow Hitch loads
  • Support for BeamNG's roof loads on both roof racks


How to install:
-Download the attached zip file at the beggining or the bottom of the post
-Open BeamNG, and in the launcher, select the 2nd option (Manage User Folder) then click on Open User Folder in Explorer
-Once the explorer window is open, enter the 'Latest' folder via its shortcut, and then paste the mod in the Mods folder

Are there plans for a Pre-Facelift 2010, Limited or any further versions?:
-The SR5 was done thanks to just a handful of differences between it and the base TRD Pro, which could be done with my expertise, but those versions require deep and complex changes, including different bumpers, trim around the car and headlights too in the case of the 2010 version, some tests have been done but so far, the answer is sadly no.

Issues with textures/any weird behaviour in the mod ?:
-Delete any previous files/folders from the mods, perform a cache deep cleaning, download the latest version and try again
-Please check no other mods might be interfering with this one

Can I get the UV templates to create custom skins?:
-As stated in the features list, you'll find this file within the mod folder:
This is the UV template you can use in any graphic editor as a template for create any custom skin.

LAST UPDATED: 08/07/2024 @ 00:56 GMT

Early version review by Neilogical:

Showcase by @xXSummitXx :

Escaping Police in the 4Runner by Camodo Gaming:

Credits (Besides me):

-Turn 10 Studios/Playground Games: Original body and interior mesh
-BeamNG: Roamer/Tograc/Sunburst underpinnings, jbeams and some textures and parts
-dumpling: Suspensions, modes, configurations, fixes, new features and more
-Marcel/Zuweisung: Digital gauges enabling and help
-Agent_Y: Lots of fixes and help fixing stuff
-Braskus: Realistic engine, turbo and superchargers curve figures, extra parts, sounds adjusting.
-default0.0player: Shiftlogic mod and implementation, transmission improvements
-baarry5444: Accurate color and car info values
-starblockset: Toyota Truck Engines adaptation and usage
-Dönerfreak: Realistic Headlight mod custom implementation
-rmendez011: Lights overhaul and US lights help
-PostmortemSlayer: Realistic Headlight mod
-Gobi Masala: Steering and interior camera adjustments
-Palkia: Stock and Bad Guys configs
-a plane guy & Turbo49>: Edge Split usage

And of course, I know it can't be avoided but...please keep the begging and requests easy. Please have in mind this is a very specific car and besides some extra parts courtesy from Forza and some esthetic options, the mod will not feature much else in terms of modifications. Of course, being based on the Roamer means quite a handful of off-road parts can join the party, but that's about it.

More coming soon! Released - 2019 Toyota 4Runner (Update 08/07 - 2024 Update) (15)

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    Released - 2019 Toyota 4Runner  (Update 08/07 - 2024 Update) (2024)
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