Snip-its Haircuts for Kids - Greenville, SC (2024)

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Snip-its Haircuts for Kids - Greenville, SC (2) Sarah Phillips

Sep 17, 2018

This place is AWESOME! They cut both my daughters hair . They were very patient with them (as it was my youngest first time getting her hair cut) They actually looked like they enjoyed their job. We will come here from now on to take care of our two daughters!!!!

Snip-its Haircuts for Kids - Greenville, SC (3) Sonia Karamchandani

We had a bad experience at Snip-its in Greenville on a Sunday afternoon. I’ve actually become more and more upset as I continued to think about the series of events. We told the stylist we would like a buzz cut and she said sure no problem. I thought I would get a chance to discuss and talk about length of the buzz prior to her starting. My son has had a haircut prior to this appointment at a children’s haircut place also in town with no problem. This stylist began immediately with no warning and was extremely aggressive and didn’t stop even though my son was crying uncontrollably. I also was in shock that she used the clippers on the zero setting before we even had a chance to talk about it. She also nicked my son’s ear and he was bleeding. She acted like it was no big deal. If she was in a hurry, I would have appreciated her turning us away instead of rushing through the haircut. We arrived at 3:30 on and they close at 4 pm. She said she wasn’t in a rush. If that’s the case, then she most definitely was not gentle or caring toward my 15 month old son.

Snip-its Haircuts for Kids - Greenville, SC (4) Jessica Sledzianowski

Aug 8, 2018

I took my son one day and absolutely loved it! The environment seemed to help my two year old son have no problem getting his hair cut. The hair cut looked great too. I will absolutely be back!

Snip-its Haircuts for Kids - Greenville, SC (5) Megan Stephens

Oct 5, 2018

It was a fun and great experience for both my kids. They were very good with my youngest hair, and wasnt in a hurry. My kids cant wait to go back.

Snip-its Haircuts for Kids - Greenville, SC (6) Shelley S

Sep 2, 2018

Miss Mary is AWESOME!!!!! She is so sweet and gentle with our child that is so shy. Her skills are great! You typically don't find such skill AND personality in a child's stylist! I can't say enough great things about her! Thank you Miss Mary!!!!


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Snip-its Haircuts for Kids - Greenville, SC (2024)
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