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Imagine being part of a mission-driven team at the forefront of the cleantech revolution. This fast-growing scale-up is transforming the energy sector with innovative solutions that enhance the efficiency and reliability of renewable energy systems. As a Solution Engineer, you will play a key role in expanding their Teleport offering, integrating new protocols, and developing local logic for interconnected assets. You will work closely with commercial, operational, and technical teams, applying your technical skills and creativity. The company offers a competitive salary, equity stake, and a fun, inspiring work environment with benefits like a comprehensive pension plan, sick pay, and travel cost coverage. Join this journey and make a significant impact in the cleantech industry. Apply now! Continue reading to see how we can support your professional growth.

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Imagine being part of a mission-driven team at the forefront of the cleantech revolution. At this company, they are transforming the energy sector with innovative solutions that enhance the efficiency and reliability of renewable energy systems. As a fast-growing scale-up, they are looking for a passionate and skilled Solution Engineer to join their dynamic team and make a significant impact.

The Mission...

In the heart of Utrecht, this journey began with a vision to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and promote sustainable energy. Today, this company stands as a key player in the cleantech industry, providing cutting-edge cloud asset monitoring platforms for grid operators. Their IoT sensors deliver real-time data on the state of the grid, detecting anomalies and optimizing maintenance processes with seamless notifications and an intuitive interface.

They empower producers of renewable energy, from solar farms to wind turbines and battery systems. Their gateways integrate and control these assets, ensuring flexible and reliable energy management. Whether it’s the largest battery in the Netherlands or solar panels on a farmer’s rooftop, our technology brings order to the complex world of renewable energy.

The Role...

This isn’t just about writing code; it's about shaping the future of energy management. Your responsibilities will be diverse and dynamic, including the integration of new protocols into their gateway, onboarding new customers, and developing local logic for interconnected assets.

You’ll delve deep into the world of solar inverters, battery technologies, and wind turbines, making them controllable through our platform and unlocking unprecedented flexibility in the energy grid. Collaboration will be at the core of your daily activities, as you work closely with our commercial, operational, and technical teams. This cross-functional engagement will allow you to apply your technical skills, unleash your creativity, and bring your ideas to life.

What You Bring to the Table!

You are a motivated self-starter with a keen interest in technology and a desire to make a difference in the cleantech sector. Your experience with JavaScript or TypeScript is complemented by a solid technical background, and you’re eager to deepen your skills. Understanding the intricacies of the energy system is a bonus, and you thrive in fast-paced, ambiguous environments.

Your ability to communicate effectively, both in English and preferably Dutch, allows you to connect with team members and customers at various levels. You excel at presenting complex ideas in a clear, compelling manner. With a knack for identifying business needs and aligning them with technological solutions, you are adept at quantifying the benefits your work brings to our customers.

Sounds great but what do you offer...

Joining this company means being part of a team that’s committed to solving one of humanity's greatest challenges. A competitive salary of up to 4.000 euros gross per month and an equity stake in the company, recognizing your contribution to our mission.

You’ll work in a fun, inspiring, and challenging environment, supported by a team of entrepreneurs and managers dedicated to your personal growth. The benefits include a comprehensive pension plan, vacation days, sick pay, a bring-your-own-device reimbursem*nt, and travel cost coverage.

Ready to Join this Journey?

If you are passionate about clean energy and eager to contribute to a transformative industry, we invite you to apply. Bring your skills, curiosity, and drive, and let's shape the future of energy together. Embark on a career where you make a difference every day. Apply now and become a pioneer in the cleantech revolution.


Search X is gespecialiseerd in het bemiddelen van IT, renewable en engineering professionals voor vaste vacatures tot freelance opdrachten. Van junior tot executive level en van start-up tot multinational, maar altijd met het uitgangspunt: kwaliteit boven kwantiteit, eerlijk en oprecht.Ons werk is meer dan alleen het zoeken naar een passende kandidaat. Wij zoeken een antwoord op de vraag van onze klant. En om dat antwoord te vinden, moeten we eerst de vraag echt begrijpen. Hoe we dat doen? Door te luisteren. Naar onze klanten, onze kandidaten en naar de markt.Wij werken alleen voor bedrijven waar we zelf ook zouden willen werken, zoals Facevalue, Boldking, Accenture en Wolters Kluwer.Wat wij doen, doen we anders dan anderen. Wij vinden niet wat je zoekt, maar wat je nodig hebt.

Solution Engineer | Utrecht | Search X Recruitment | (2024)
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