Words of Radiance Review (2024)

October 11, 2022; November 7, 2023

Words of Radiance Review (1)

Words of Radiance Book Cover

I very much recommend this book 5 out of 5. I can’t wait to read more. I can’t wait to read more of the Stormlight there is no way anything can top the Stormlight Archive.

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Written Review

** spoiler alert **

I don’t really know how to write a review. Let’s just put that out at the start here.

The goal is to review this book and tell you what I think about it. This book is hard to describe. This book is a story about an incredible cast of characters with an amazing world and amazing magic system and overall just an amazing time.

If you’ve never read Brandon Sanderson, I highly recommend it. if you’ve never read epic fantasy I highly recommend it.

It is hard to describe this book without spoiling this book, because this is booked two in the storm light archive series, and the Stormlight Archive series is going to be a 10 book series. You are the right, I’m in book 2.

This book is 1088 pages long. This is 70 or so pages longer than the first book and my book for the books are around 1200 pages long. oh, it’s so great. It’s so much fun.

OK now let’s talk about the book..

And Now, I want to Spew Spoilers!

Here we go, please understand spoilers ahead.

I'm just going to say everything that I loved about this book.

200 Pages to Go

At the time of writing this review, I am on page 800 so I have about 200 more pages to go and wow oh wow. I’m going to try not to spoil this book but this book if you’ve read the first book, you’ll know this book is going through the story of Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar, and so many more characters. I will say the back of the book really tells a great synopsis of the book. It talks about the light weavers, and the surge binders, and the wind runners. Incredible.

The way, Brandon tells the stories make you cry make you shout for joy make you want to read more.

After spending so much time with these characters you really understand them more, and feel for them when things go poorly for them. Every turn of this book, you may expect, but Brandon has a way of turning every turn on its head. You’ll never be able to know exactly what is going to happen. You may get small drips of, “oh yeah I remember that character, but oh wow I didn’t expect that!” Also, Hoid is amazing and I love every second of page time he gets. He is a joy to read.

Kaladin’s powers are increasing, we got more Szeth which is always a win, Syl is revealing more, T’aln?! AMARAM, Sadeas?! What is going to happen next?

Again, I’m only 800 pages in. I’ll update when I have more.

I have completed the book, last night..


Shallan actually has a Shardblade, and it's Pattern, and she finds the Oatgate, and the Oathgate requires and Honorblade, and I have so many more questions about Honor Blades now. Shallan's backstory is crazy!

The Battle of Narak

What an absolute insane battle, also the Everstorm?! I didn't expect that to be a continuous thing. I expected the Everstorm to start and stop just for the battle; but I'm not realizing.. Everstorm means forever.. I hadn't thought about that until now. So, disregard?


I'm excited to learn more about Renarin, he is fascinating to me. Truthwatcher, hmm, I haven't heard anything about that before. I've also not been spoiled on what that means just yet either. So that's great!


Oh boy, here we go! Kaladin and Amaram, and Heleran, and Dalinar, and Elhokar, and Adolin, and Shallan, oh and WIT; I love Wit! Okay, so that Third Ideal had me jumping out of my chair, what an amazing moment. I can't believe Moash, what is he going to do?! Kaladin definitely has a thing for Shallan, and she might have a little thing for him as well. I also really appreciate the Adolin comradery, those boys are great friends now. After the first battle of Szeth, and wow the Kaladin and Szeth fight in Part Five WOW WOW WOW. This is a great book.


Bondsmith, I'm so excited to learn more about this. Dalinar is always been a great character, and I think he might be my favorite. I'm interested to see what is to happen with the Oathbringer book (book three)!


Wow this book, I love it so much.

I very much recommend this book 5 out of 5. I can’t wait to read more. I can’t wait to read more of the Stormlight there is no way anything can top the Stormlight Archive.

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Written Review

My goodness, another incredible story by Brandon Sanderson in the Stormlight Archive! Welcome to Words of Radiance, the Knights Radiant are returning slowly, and the histories are being revealed slowly and surely. Our crew, now including Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar, Renarin, Pattern, Syl, Stormfather, Wit, Adolin, and so many more.

This is so much fun, the story, the magic, the world building, the prose. All are great here.

We are building to something huge, and slowly getting more and more about the history of this world and the magic of this world. I really love how Starlight works, and how the different oaths are used to connect to the different spren. It’s just a really new and interesting magic system. The writing style, I wrote before is simple and quick and fun, and that’s true; the writing of combat is also awesome. That is one of the fun parts of the story, the combat. I’ve read a lot of different books and series now so I’ve seen a lot of different ways to write combat, and Brandon Sanderson is quite possibly the best.

How is the Re-Read?

Actually, this is something that I’m struggling a bit with, re-reading is something I am a bit iffy on. I’ve read this book and actually the first 3 (including Edgedancer, so 3.5) Stormlight Archive books, so this time I’m listening to the books as I gear up for Dawnshard and Rhythm of War. So, the re-read, yes; I remember just about everything that happened in these books, but it’s great to get a refresher. I will say, I don’t think I’ll do another re-read of this story when the next book comes out because I’ve already read the story twice now.


Review Scores

Emotional Impact 5

Oh yeah, this is great!

Characters 5


Plot 5


Prose 5

This is great!

World-Building 5


Spoiler Story Breakdown

As we learned in the first novel, the Parshendi send Szeth to kill the king of Alethi, Gavilar Kholin. The Alethi are not sure why this happened, but it resulted in the treaty called the Vengeance Pact. In it, the leaders declared the War of Reckoning and tried to destroy the Parshendi. The King of Kharbranth sends Szeth to assassinate high prince Dalinar, Gavilar Kholin’s brother.

Kaladin and his former bridge crew have been recruited by Dalinar to serve as bodyguards for himself, the king, and the rest of their family. In secret, Kaladin’s crew tests him to discover the strength of his Windrunner powers.

Jasnah and Shallan travel by ship toward the Shattered Plains. Jasnah hopes to stop the Voidbringers from returning. Jasnah arranges a marriage for Shallan to her cousin Adolin Kholin. Before they arrive at the Shattered Plains, their ship is attacked. A bandit stabs Jasnah, but Shallan uses her powers to sink the ship. Shallan believes that Jasnah is dead. She eventually makes land and persuades traveling merchants to escort her to the Shattered Plains.

The Parshendi discover a power called Stormform. They will be able to conjure storms for their war against the humans.

Dalinar, the new Highprince of War, attempts to unite the Highprinces. His recent visions have focused on a countdown to the Final Desolation. The Assassin in White tries to kill Dalinar, but Kaladin and his men are just able to fend him off.

Shallan and Adolin meet and seem to like each other well enough.

Adolin, Dalinar’s son, duels other Shardbearers, taking their Shards and disrupting Sadeas’ allies. Adolin ultimately wants to ensure that he can ask a boon of the king to duel Sadeas himself. Unfortunately, Adolin finds himself tricked into dueling four men at once. Kaladin steps in to help him win.

After this, Adolin gives Kaladin a full set of Shards. His spren Syl doesn’t like the armor, so Kaladin gives it to Moash, a man Kaladin knows is plotting to kill the king. Kaladin believes that the king should be removed, but his dishonorable act of conspiring against the man severs his bond with Syl.

Shallan is a Lightweaver and can disguise as someone else. She creates a dark-eyed version of herself and works with the Ghostbloods to find out more about them.

Dalinar and Shallan lead an expedition to the center of the Shattered Plains. Shallan and Kaladin fall into the chasms, and everyone is surprised when they both live. Not only through the fall and a chasmfiend, but also through a high storm.

While Kaladin is injured, Dalinar leads everyone from his camp—and any others who will join—across the shattered plains to confront the Parshendi. Shallan hopes to find the center of the plains and the entrance to Urithiru. When they arrive, they find that the Parshendi, in their Stormform, have bonded with evil spren to summon the Everstorm. Shallan locates the Oathgate.

Moash attacks the king while everyone is away. Kaladin finally realizes that he has broken his oath to protect the king, speaks his third Ideal, and rebonds with Syl, who happens to be a Shardblade. Kal saves the king and then flies off to save the army from the Assassin in White.

Kaladin defeats the Assassin and takes the Windrunner Honorblade from him. The highstorm and the Everstorm come together, and the army escapes to Urithiru through the Oathgate.

Dalinar bonds the Stormfather. Shallan, Kaladin, and Renarin finally admit that they are Radiants.

Once safe in Urithiru, Adolin kills Sadeas in a rage. The Shardblade Oathbringer appears, so Adolin drops it out a window to hide it.

Nalan, Herald of Justice, revives Szeth and gives him a sword called Nightblood. The Assassin in White begins an apprenticeship under Nalan as a Skybreaker.

Jasnah Kholin exits Shadesmar, alive and well.

Words of Radiance Review (2024)


Is Words of Radiance worth reading? ›

CONCLUSION: Words of Radiance is another masterfully crafted piece of high-fantasy. Slow, but deep in rich detail with characters that make us want to get to know them.

How long does it take to read Words of Radiance? ›

The average reader will spend 22 hours and 8 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

What is the story of Words of Radiance? ›

Brief summary

Words of Radiance is an epic fantasy novel by Brandon Sanderson. It follows the journey of Kaladin, Shallan, and Dalinar as they uncover the secrets of the Knights Radiant and confront the looming threat of the ancient Voidbringers.

How long is Words of Radiance? ›

Words of Radiance
First edition book cover
AuthorBrandon Sanderson
Media typePrint (hardcover and paperback), audiobook, e-book
Pages1087 (hardcover)
13 more rows

Who does Words of Radiance focus on? ›

It seems pretty clear that Shallan and Kaladin are the main two so far, with words of radiance seems to heavily focus on Shallan.

What age is the book radiance for? ›

I would recommend this book to anyone aged 10+ who likes slightly mysterious, gripping, moving stories.

Why is Stormlight so long? ›

The answer is simple. This is the piece of art I wanted to make. The Stormlight Archive is intended as a love letter to the epic fantasy genre.

What is the longest Sanderson book? ›

Rhythm of War consists of one prologue, 117 chapters, 12 interludes and an epilogue. It is preceded by Oathbringer. It is currently both the longest Sanderson novel and longest in the series at 455,891 words, though Oathbringer has a higher page count.

How many words are in words of radiance? ›

1The Way of Kings383,389
2Words of Radiance399,431
2.5Edgedancer (novella)40,666
5 more rows

How old is Kaladin in Words of Radiance? ›

Kaladin is the only viewpoint character who hasn't aged a full year between The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance. He is currently 20 years old.

How did Rysn lose her legs? ›

During her apprenticeship, she lost the use of her legs in an accident on the Reshi Isles. Afterwards, she worked in the Thaylen Gemstone Reserve for some time, managing Queen Fen's personal finances, before becoming a merchant in her own right. Rysn has a pet larkin, which she calls Chiri-Chiri. She is a Dawnshard.

What is the theme of Words of Radiance? ›

Words of Radiance is, at its core, about recognizing the complexity of others, both in the understanding of the limits of our perspectives, and allowing for everyone's capacity for change.

Should you read Mistborn or Stormlight first? ›

Sienna Luprano Honestly you can go both ways, but in my opinion mistborn should come first for a few reason. First off, it's a much, MUCH more self contained series/book then Stormlight, and in more ways then one. Each book is it's own story with only a few loose thread left at the end (especially book one).

Is Words of Radiance in two parts? ›

The epic fantasy series The Stormlight Archive, by international bestseller Brandon Sanderson, continues here! This is the second half of the second epic novel: Words of Radiance.

Are Mistborn and Stormlight connected? ›

Bestselling author Brandon Sanderson's fantasy novels, including Mistborn and The Stormlight Archive, are all part of a complicated shared fictional universe called the Cosmere. Sanderson's novels are incredibly popular, and most modern fantasy fans will have heard of his work or perhaps tried a novel.

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