Weak Link [Dream SMP High School AU Chatfic] - TransAceWithAPan (2024)

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Chapter 1: ※ Usernames + Extra Stuff ※

Chapter Text


Ranboo = BOO BITCH(not at first, but later on)
Tubbo = Liek a da bee
Wilbur = Man me a sand
Technoblade =Orphan Obliterator
Philza = Kid Collector
Dream = Teakettle
George = Resident sleeper literally
Sapnap = Samsung refrigerator
Badboyhalo = Muffin Demon
Karl Jacobs = Epoch
Quackity = Habibi
JSchlatt = Ffs Im a RAM NOT A GOAT
Skeppy = rich boi
Eret = BI-Con
Nihachu = Baker with knife
Jack Manifold = WHOPPA
Fundy = Valid Furry
Puffy = Rainbow Sheep
Foolish = Built different
Purpled = Probs an alien
Punz = Gimme some money
Awesamdude = Boom Dude
Ponk = Bonk
Antfrost = Could Be Gayer
ConnorEatsPants = Gottagofast
Charlie Slimecicle = Goop

School Stuff:

Captain Jordan Sparklez(referred to as The Captain sometimes, not to be confused with Captain Puffy since they both have 'Captain' in their name). He's the principal. Favorited by everyone.

Badboyhalo(referred to as Mr. Halo). He's the vice-principal. Favorited by Sapnap, Dream, George, Karl, Eret, Antfrost, and Quackity(although he'll deny it).

Daniel Diacart Middleton(referred to as either Dr. Dan or Mr. Dan depending on who speaks). He teaches science. Favorited by Tubbo, Jack, Purpled, Fundy, and Dream.

Adam Skynet(referred to as either Mx. Nobody or Mx. Sky). They teach history. Favorited by Ranboo, Eret, Foolish, Wilbur, Techno, Karl, and Connor.

Grian Batchelor(referred to as Mr. Grian). He teaches architecture. Favorited by everyone.

Ponk(referred to as Ponk). He teaches math. Favorited by Eret, Niki, Jack, Charlie, and Antfrost.

Lizzie Dwyer(referred to as Mrs. Lizzie). She teaches English/Language Arts. Favorited by Ranboo, Niki, Wilbur, Techno, and Karl.

Puffy WasTaken(referred to as Miss Puffy). She's the school counselor and works the front desk sometimes. Favorited by everyone.

Punz(referred to as Punz). He teaches gym/health. Favorited by Purpled, Dream, Sapnap, and JSchlatt.

Awesamdude(referred to as Sam; he doesn't like formality). He teaches coding. Favorited by Purpled, Ranboo, Tommy, Jack, and Dream.

Philza Minecraft(referred to as Mr. Minecraft; Phil, by his students). He teaches basic survival and foreign languages (endspeak, piglin, elytrian, avian, etc). Favorited by everyone.

Tubbo, Purpled, Ranboo, and Tommy are Freshmen.

Quackity, Eret, Niki, Jack, Fundy, Foolish, and Charlie are Sophom*ores.

Wilbur, Techno, Dream, George, Sapnap, Karl, JSchlatt, Antfrost, and Connor are Juniors.

The Syndicate may or may not be a secret book club...

Family Stuff:

Philza + Mumza only had Wilbur, then adopted Techno and Tommy. Wilbur is the eldest, Techno is the middle, and Tommy is the chaotic youngest. Techno is the mature one out of all of them.

Captain Sparklez took in Eret since they seemed to come out of nowhere. He also adopted Tubbo at the age of 8 since he was abandoned.

Puffy is the mother to Dream and the father to Foolish. No, I will not explain.(that's what Foolish said and I'm taking his word for it lol)

Purpled, Punz, and Ponk are brothers. Punz being the eldest, Purpled being the youngest.

George and Karl are brothers. It's pretty easy to tell based on their heterochromia eyes.

Badboyhalo and Skeppy are Sapnap's adoptive dads.

Niki and Eret are actually long-lost cousins, but they don't realize that.

Hybrid Stuff:

Ranboo = Half Enderman-half [REDACTED]
Tubbo = Ram
Technoblade = Piglin
Philza = Elytra
Dream = Dreamon
Sapnap = Blazeborn
Badboyhalo = Demon
Quackity = Duck
JSchlatt = Ram
Skeppy = Diamond Golem
Eret = Wither
Fundy = Fox
Puffy = Sheep
Foolish = Totem Shark
Awesamdude = Creeper
Antfrost = Cat
Charlie = Slime

Extra Stuff:

Technoblade is gonna be Aromantic Asexual because that's my headcanon for him.

Ranboo is also gonna be Asexual because that's my headcanon for him. He also doesn't mind people using they/them pronouns for him as well.

Charlie is also Asexual.

There will also be a few canon ships in this, such as Karlnap.

And I'm just gonna add Skephalo, but like queerplatonically married and adopted a son.

And I'm adding Dream being clingy to George because he sometimes is clingy.

Ranboo the Orphan. Will he find a home? Who knows, honestly.

Chapter 2: ※ The Hacking ※

Chapter Text


- Chaos Incarnate -

[ Ranboo joined the server ]

Teakettle: tf
Teakettle: who is this

Man me a sand: arent you the person who usually adds people

Teakettle: well yeah
Teakettle: but I don't know a 'Ranboo'. I think I would remember a name like that.

Ranboo: uh hi?


Man me a sand: Tommy learn how to read
Man me a sand: We literally dont know this person

Teakettle:@Ranboo how did you get in this group?

Ranboo: Oh, it was pretty easy actually. I hacked my way into it.

Teakettle: ......

POGCHAMP: ......

Man me a sand: ......

Boom Dude: ......

Teakettle: SAAAMMMMM
Teakettle: HOOWWWWW

Boom Dude: I'll be back in a second...


Ranboo: I thought it was pretty easy...

Man me a sand: what's your name again?

Ranboo: Ranboo

POGCHAMP: it's your actual name!? holy f*ck, that's a weird name

Man me a sand: it's not as weird as technoblade

Orphan Obliterator: I would say mine isn't weird, but then again I did grow up in the Nether of all places.

Ranboo: I feel like I'm being threatened...

Kid Collector: I feel almost afraid to ask, but...
Kid Collector: Why is Sam crying in a Janitor's closet...?

Bonk: WHAT

Kid Collector: Ponk, you are literally teaching a class right now.

Bonk: They can teach themselves for abit

Kid Collector: Teach your class, Ponk. I'll handle it.

POGCHAMP: Tbf that ranboob person probably did it

Ranboo: My name is Ranboo...

POGCHAMP: they hacked there way into the server like a secret agent or some sh*t

Ranboo: I'm definitely not of that skill level, but thanks...

Kid Collector: I'm impressed. I thought Sam's security was tight.

Ranboo: It was actually pretty easy to crack.

Orphan Obliterator: You're gonna have to stop saying 'easy'.
Orphan Obliterator: You're practically insulting Sam's baby.

Ranboo: Sorry...

Teakettle: how old are you?

Ranboo: I don't give out my real age, but I can say I'm a minor.

Kid Collector: Minor? Do you attend a school?

Ranboo: Yeah, it's not a well-known school though. It neighbors HHS and MMS.

Teakettle: Esempii High School?

Ranboo: Oh, I didn't think you would guess it.

Kid Collector: Everyone in this group either attends that school or they're a staff member there

Ranboo: Maybe that's why this group was so easy to hack into...

Orphan Obliterator: You're really not making Sam feel any better.

Ranboo: Sorry!

Bonk: Sleep with one eye open tonight, Ranboo

Ranboo: Good thing I barely sleep

Orphan Obliterator: Insomnia gang?

Teakettle: Insomnia gang?

Epoch: Insomnia gang!?

Man me a sand: where the hell did you come from

Epoch: The library, actually! I'm heading back to class now :]

Man me a sand: Ok nerd

Ranboo:@Epoch I like your name, I know the meaning and song :)

Epoch:*gasp*someone of culture pog!?
Epoch: I had to explain it to everyone else and trust me it's not fun explaining things

Ranboo: Oh, yea 100%

Epoch: Dream! Can we keep this kid? They seem nice enough!!

Teakettle: I dunno...

Epoch: .....
Epoch:@Resident sleeper literally GEORGEEEE BACK ME UPPP

Resident sleeper literally: I was having fun sleeping in class...
Resident sleeper literally: just let the kid stay and let me go back to sleep

Kid Collector: Pay attention to your lessons, George.

Resident sleeper literally: But I already have a good grade in history...

Kid Collector: Which is...?

Resident sleeper literally: B

Kid Collector: That means Barely Passing. Get back to work, George.

Resident sleeper literally: fineee

Ranboo: The bell's about to ring anyway, right?

Epoch: Yeah, a few minutes until lunchtime! I have a monster energy drink with my name on it :]

Teakettle: Ok I guess the mysterious new kid can stay. We'll do introductions later

Epoch: But I need pronouns for the new kid!!

Ranboo: oh
Ranboo: Nobody's really asked for my pronouns before...
Ranboo: This is new.
Ranboo: He/him

Bi-Con: Pronouns are important.

Epoch: True true!

Bi-Con: My name is Eret
Bi-Con: I go by any pronouns

Ranboo: Any?
Ranboo: Including they/them?

Bi-Con: Yes
Bi-Con: I literally said any pronouns /nm

Ranboo: Huh...

Bi-Con: What is it?

Ranboo: Nothing
Ranboo: I just wish I had that confidence

Bi-Con: What do you mean?

Epoch: Ranboo?

Ranboo: Oh, would you look at that
Ranboo: The bell rang. Time for lunch.

Teakettle: You can sit with us at lunch if you want

Ranboo: No
Ranboo: No thank you
Ranboo: I usually sit by myself for lunch
Ranboo: Thanks for offering though

Teakettle: No problem

Epoch: I hope you enjoy whatever you're having, Ranboo!

Ranboo: Thank you
Ranboo: Um
Ranboo: Goodbye

Kid Collector: He seemed a little fidgety

Orphan Obliterator: He was probably nervous from meeting new people which honestly same

POGCHAMP: his nickname is still borrrrrring last time i checked
POGCHAMP: time for a change

[ POGCHAMP changed Ranboo's name to BOO BITCH ]

Kid Collector: I swear the kid's gonna have a stroke being here...

Orphan Obliterator: I'm still wondering how you still haven't had one

Kid Collector: You little sh*t
Kid Collector: I am not that old

Orphan Obliterator: Yeah
Orphan Obliterator: Cause 1,253 years old is*definitely not*that old

Teakettle: WHAT
Teakettle: I knew Phil was old but holy PRIME

Kid Collector: Get on Bad's case on being old
Kid Collector: He's literally 1,300


Kid Collector: A demon's age span is really slow, depending on where they are born
Kid Collector: Bad still has a long way to go until it looks like he has aged

Teakettle: One of my best friends didn't even tell me their age
Teakettle: I feel betrayed :(

Orphan Obliterator: Imagine being best friends with a teacher
Orphan Obliterator: Cringe

Teakettle: Dont act like you don't talk to Phil on a day-to-day basis Techno

Orphan Obliterator: He's my dad?
Orphan Obliterator: I kinda have to talk to him or else he'll literally pry himself into my daily life

Kid Collector: I don't do that

Orphan Obliterator: You did that with Wilbur

Man me a sand: he did
Man me a sand: for a whole
Man me a sand: f*cking
Man me a sand: year
Man me a sand: and it sucked

Kid Collector: It was just some parental guidance

Man me a sand: I know you were right about Jared being a dick but I've moved on

Kid Collector: :eyes:

Teakettle: :eyes:

Bi-Con: :eyes:

Baker with knife: :eyes:

Man me a sand: Oh come on Niki even you dont believe me?

Baker with knife: You don't move on easily, Wil

Man me a sand: .....oh would you look at that
Man me a sand: the bell
Man me a sand: class time
Man me a sand: so exciting

Orphan Obliterator: I can just taste the sarcasm from here

Man me a sand: of course you can

BOO BITCH: I'm so confused...

Man me a sand: dont worry about it new kid

BOO BITCH: Who changed my name?

POGCHAMP: your welcome

BOO BITCH: oh uh
BOO BITCH: Thanks?

Orphan Obliterator: You can change it back y'know
Orphan Obliterator: You don't have to listen to him

BOO BITCH: That's okay
BOO BITCH: My username is pretty boring as it is...

Orphan Obliterator: If you say so

Resident sleeper literally: let me just sleep peacefully, I swear to Prime...

Chapter 3: ※ Awkward Introductions ※

Chapter Text


- Chaos Incarnate -


Muffin Demon: Language!


Kid Collector: You still have school tomorrow, Tommy.


Liek a da bee: i wish i couldve responded to the eraliser messageds but ig ot my pheonf taken by punz

Gimme some money: phones are expensive Tubbo. stop playing games while everyone else is throwing sh*t. it could break your phone. again.

BI-Con: Oh dear
BI-Con: not the 4th phone you've broken this month /j

Liek a da bee: not helping >:(

BOO BITCH: That seems like a lot of money...

BI-Con: It is

BOO BITCH: How can you afford the phones?

BI-Con: Because Tubbo and I are rich.

Teakettle: Way to flex on the poor people

Orphan Obliterator: Yeah, Dream's just a homeless man, dude. Don't do him like that.

Teakettle: I am NOT homeless. I HAVE a home.

Orphan Obliterator: Riiiiiightttt...

Teakettle: Anyway...
Teakettle:@everyone Introduce yourself to the new kid, Ranboo (he/him)
Teakettle: My name is Dream, he/him

Orphan Obliterator: Technoblade, he/him

POGCHAMP: the name's Tommy! he/him

Liek a da bee: tubbo he/him pronons!
Liek a da bee: nice to meegt you!

BI-Con: You already know my name but I'll say it again
BI-Con: Eret, any pronouns

Muffin Demon: I'm Mr. Halo from school, but you can call me Bad or BBH on here!
Muffin Demon: He/Him as well :>

Kid Collector: Ya can call me Philza or Phil on here, he/him

Man me a sand: I'm Wilbur, he/him thank you

Resident sleeper literally: I'm george, mostly afk on here, yet here...
Resident sleeper literally: he/him please

Samsung refrigerator: Sapnap, figuratively the coolest one here
Samsung refrigerator: he/him

Epoch: My name's Karl! He/him pronouns :]

Habibi: you can call me alex or quackity doesn't matter to me
Habibi: he/him

Ffs Im a RAM NOT A GOAT: you can call me Schlatt

rich boi: mmuy namezx skeppy
rich boi: he him

Baker with knife: Niki! She/her! :D

WHOPPA: My name's Jack, don't ask about my nickname, my pronouns are he/him

Valid Furry: my name is Fundy and can I please change my nickname?

Teakettle: No. Pronouns.

Valid Furry: WH-
Valid Furry: He/him

Rainbow Sheep: Ranboo already knows me, but my name is Puffy, she/her pronouns!

BOO BITCH: Hi, Puffy! :D

Rainbow Sheep: Hello, Ranboo!

Built Different: I'm Foolish and yes, that is my actual name! He/Him pronouns

Probs an alien: Purpled, he/him or whatever

Gimme some money: Punz, he/him and they/them

Boom Dude: Call me Sam, he/him pronouns.

Bonk: My name is Ponk!
Bonk: He/Him!

Could Be Gayer: Antfrost, or just Ant. He/Him

Gottagofast: you didn't specify if it was full names or nicknames


Teakettle: Not your full name, Connor I swear to Prime-

Gottagofast: o
Gottagofast: my name is connor then
Gottagofast: he/him

Goop: My name is Charlie! He/Him pronouns are what I use!

Teakettle: And that should be everyone.

BOO BITCH: There's a lot of people here...

Teakettle: Yeah, this group is usually for friends to chat

BOO BITCH: I have no friends
BOO BITCH: Unless you count the hybrids who always make me do stuff for them


Kid Collector: Pardon

Man me a sand: Excuse me

Liek a da bee: waht

Orphan Obliterator: Huh

BOO BITCH: Oh look, I think the caregiver needs me
BOO BITCH: Goodbye

Teakettle: He loves avoiding questions

Kid Collector: Indeed he does

Liek a da bee: I want to be his frinwd

POGCHAMP: he's a good candidate to be our friend

Kid Collector: Oh Prime, I feel sorry for the kid...

POGCHAMP: you have nothing to worry about
POGCHAMP: we will nto force him into anything

Man me a sand:*yet*


Man me a sand: Such an original insult,*child*


Orphan Obliterator: Most of the people here are teens

Man me a sand: but tommy is a child


Kid Collector: Techno, help me with dinner

Orphan Obliterator: Thank Prime, I don't like being stuck with them

Kid Collector: I'll mostly be grading stuff at the table

Orphan Obliterator: The longer I'm away from those two the better


Kid Collector: I can't tell you that info lol


Kid Collector: It's literally teacher info until they give it back to the students, Tommy

POGCHAMP: that's bullsh*t

Muffin Demon: Language!
Muffin Demon: And it's the truth

POGCHAMP: borrringgg

BOO BITCH: It wouldn't be fair if you got your grade before everyone else did...

POGCHAMP: no one asked you boob boy

BOO BITCH: Still not my name...

POGCHAMP: It's close enough



BOO BITCH: I only said no

Liek a da bee: toomy if we want tob efriend him
Liek a da bee: we have to say his name corecctly

POGCHAMP: i hate how your right tubbo
POGCHAMP: sorry for saying your name wrong ranboo

BOO BITCH: What's happening

Liek a da bee: we're befrinedin gyou

BOO BITCH: I've never had friends

Liek a da bee: well now you have thisd group chat

BOO BITCH: This is a lot of friends...
BOO BITCH: Also if you need me to do something for you just tell me
BOO BITCH: I'll most likely do it

Kid Collector: Yea...
Kid Collector: Not gonna happen


Teakettle: Talk about dad mode lol

Epoch: Wait until he adopts Ranboo lmao

BOO BITCH: Adopts?

Kid Collector: They're only joking around

BOO BITCH: Oh okay
BOO BITCH: I should see what I'm having for dinner
BOO BITCH: Goodbye

Teakettle: He left in a hurry

Epoch: Aw honk... I wanted to ask him his thoughts on time travel :cry:


Epoch: I take that as a compliment :]

POGCHAMP: weird but ok

Chapter 4: ※ Memory Trio...? ※


You may be wondering why I put the 'he/him and they/them pronouns for Ranboo' tag on the story. I'm going to get to that arc soon, but for now, let me introduce an underrated friendship.

Chapter Text


[ Chaos Incarnate ]

Epoch: Thursday headaches anyone?

Teakettle: Me

Orphan Obliterator: Yep


Epoch: Oh new kid!
Epoch: Opinions on time travel?

BOO BITCH: It's cool
BOO BITCH: Would love to learn more about it

Epoch: Where are you sitting at lunch
Epoch: Let me join you :]

BOO BITCH: Why though
BOO BITCH: No offense

Epoch: Because I know a lot about it!
Epoch: And I want to get to know you better!

BOO BITCH: You're probably better off with someone other than me
BOO BITCH: I tend to scare others without meaning too

POGCHAMP: nothing is scarier than technoblade when you steal something from him

Orphan Obliterator: True true

[ Direct Messages: Karl Jacobs - Ranboo ]

Karl Jacobs: You can obviously say no if you want to
Karl Jacobs: I just get carried away sometimes

Ranboo: It's okay
Ranboo: I was just caught off guard that's all
Ranboo: I usually go outside to eat, being inside all day is overwhelming
Ranboo: You can meet me by the school fountain

Karl Jacobs: Pog! I'll see ya there, Ranboo! :]

[ Third Person POV ]

Ranboo finished writing his English assignment after storing his phone in his pocket. Karl seemed nice to him, but he could never be too cautious.

As long as he didn't give too much information away. Such as his weaknesses.

Though he supposes it's a given that endermen get hurt by water.

His thoughts were cut off by the bell ringing, signaling for lunchtime.

"Turn in the English assignment at the front, class! I'll see you all tomorrow." Mrs. Lizzie spoke as everyone hurried out of the class for lunch. Ranboo waited until everyone was out until he left so he didn't get trampled, turning in his assignment in the process.

Ranboo made his way to the garden entrance. He should've known he wasn't in the clear, he never was.

This time was no exception when he felt himself being pulled and pushed to the ground. He yelped in pain when he felt his wrist bend unnaturally.

He already knew who it was from their laughing and taunting.

"Watch where you're going, chorus freak!" One of them said above Ranboo as he slowly got up.

The half-ender teen said nothing as they walked away, probably talking to each other about who could come up with the better insult for Ranboo.

But Ranboo wasn't paying attention, he was just looking down at his right wrist, the one that bent awkwardly; and his writing hand, no doubt...

"Oh my honk, are you okay!?" Someone exclaimed. Ranboo whipped his head around and saw a person with fluffy brown hair and brown and blue eyes. They had a colorful hoodie with a swirl design on it and a pocket watch dangling from the hoodie.

Ranboo avoided their eyes and instead studied their pocket watch. It looked like a normal pocket watch; telling the exact time.

"Uh- I'm fine, yeah." Ranboo nodded a bit.

"Are you sure? That looked like quite the fall." They said, their eyes and voice laced with concern.

"I'm sure," Ranboo said, looking down a bit.

"If you say so." They looked around for a second before continuing, "My name's Karl, he/him."

Ranboo's eyes widened, "As in... Karl Jacobs?"

"Huh? Yeah...?" He said, his eyebrow raised.

"M-My name is Ranboo, from the group chat," Ranboo muttered the last part loud enough for Karl to hear.

It was Karl's turn for his eyes to widen, "Oh my honk, you are so much taller than I imagined!"

"Uh... thanks?"

"Let's get to the school garden, I have so much to talk to you about!" Karl said. He was about to grab Ranboo's arm, but decided against it, "Uh, you can just follow me. Come on, come on!"

"O-Okay." Ranboo followed Karl to the garden.

"I will admit, I was waiting by the garden entrance instead of the fountain because I sensed something was going to happen today. I didn't know I was going to be right though..." Karl explained as they both walked through the garden and sat on one of the benches by the garden.

"That's interesting..." Ranboo muttered.

"Yeah. Some people call me a psychic because I can sense when something wrong is going to happen. It can be a curse..." Karl furrowed his eyebrows and looked down solemnly.

"Yeah, I can understand why," Ranboo said.

"Anyway, what grade are you in?" Karl looked up at him with a smile that could light up a room.

'Wow, that was a mood swing.'

"O-Oh, I'm in-"


'Woah, that's a deep voice.'Ranboo turned and saw a tall person- maybe a little bit shorter than Ranboo- with dark brown fluffy hair and dark sunglasses covering their eyes. They were wearing a blue t-shirt, black jeans, and black platform boots. They had a pink, purple, and blue bracelet on their left wrist.

"Oh, Eret!" Karl exclaimed, "Come meet Ranboo."

"Ranboo from the group chat?" They walked over and glanced at Ranboo all while the ender teen avoided any gazes at him.

"Yep! Do you mind if he chats with us, Ranboo? I have to ask him a few questions anyway." Karl looked over at Ranboo.

"Hm? Oh no, not at all." Ranboo said.

"Oh dear, did I get myself in trouble or what?" Eret spoke as they sat down on the bench next to them.

"Not at all! I just want to know how my journal is coming along!" Karl said.

"Oh, is that all? Karl, trust me when I say, your customized journal was left in good hands. I got all the fabric I need to make it yours. It'll be just like your hoodie when I made it."

"I can't wait...!" Karl clapped his hands together and hugged Eret, which he reciprocated.

"You customize things...?" Ranboo spoke up, making Eret and Karl look at him, which made Ranboo stare at the fountain.

"I like to sew and design things in my free time, especially for my friends." Eret smiled.

"Huh, that's cool," Ranboo said.

"If you would like, I can make you a customized journal." Eret tilted his head.

"Oh, no thanks. I'm not allowed to have a book other than my school stuff."

Karl and Eret blinked, then looked at each other, then looked back at Ranboo.

"Uh, did I say something wrong...?" Ranboo rubbed his neck.

"No, you didn't. Don't worry." Karl waved his hand around, "So what did you have for lunch today?"

"Nothing," Ranboo said simply.

"Eret?" Karl looked towards him.

"Nothing as well. Wither hybrids don't have much of an appetite, so they eat once or twice a week." Eret quipped.

"I also ate nothing. Huh..."

"Well, I have an excuse. You two don't." Eret shrugged and crossed her arms.

"Ranboo, what's the last thing you ate?" Karl asked.

"H-How am I supposed to remember that? I can barely remember this morning..." Ranboo uttered.

"Same." Eret and Karl said.

They both looked at each other, then they looked at Ranboo.

"I-I really don't like when you do that at the same time." He expressed.

"Oh, sorry." They both blurted and instead looked at each other.

"I say we compare our memory gaps, such as what we remember and what we've forgotten," Karl suggested.

"Mhm, mhm. Exactly what I was thinking." Eret nodded, "Ranboo?"

"Uh, sure?" Ranboo glanced down.

"Great! Let me go first. Sometimes I forget who I am and who my friends are. I also accidentally call some friends by other names and I have no idea why or who these people even are for me to get them confused with my friends." Karl explained.

"That's very odd," Eret said, "Sometimes I have these flashbacks of void eyes in the darkness staring into mine-"

"That's creepy." Karl cut off.

"For some reason, I didn't find it creepy... it was actually comforting. Then when I met Foolish, he claimed to know me... but I didn't know him. I felt bad for forgetting who he was, but then he said something about a 'Wither Cult' and 'adventures we had together' as he put it."

"Foolish is in the group chat, right?" Ranboo asked.

"Yeah, his user is 'Built different'." Eret nodded.

"Okay. I guess my memory gaps go back to my childhood. I remember being alone, then I remember being taken to the orphanage when I was like 10."

"You're an orphan?" Karl spoke.

"Yeah. Anyway, there was a huge memory gap between those years. I remember meeting Miss Puffy, she's nice."

"Wait, what grade are you in?" Eret asked.

"9th... freshman." Ranboo tilted his head.

"When did you meet Miss Puffy?" She questioned.

"At the... beginning of the school year, I think."

"You don't remember anything between 10 and now?"


"Holy honk, we're the memory trio!" Karl stood up and shouted.

Eret sighed, "Thank you, Karl..."

"What...?" Ranboo muttered.

"Our group chat likes to make duo, trio, group, and squad names. You'll get used to it." Eret chuckled.


That's when the bell rang and he found himself disappointed. Eret and Karl seemed interesting and fun.

"Aw, school time..." Karl groaned, "I guess I'll talk to you guys later."

Eret stood up from the bench, "You know it, Karl. It was nice meeting you, Ranboo."

"Oh, you too." Ranboo nodded and stood up, watching both of them leave. He looked down at his wrist. It wasn't hurting as much anymore as it did earlier.

Ranboo smiled and walked to class, not being bothered by anyone for once.

Chapter 5: ※"Is it too late to quit?"※


TW: mention of drugs (not serious, it's just there)

Chapter Text


[ Chaos Incarnate ]

Ffs Im a RAM NOT A GOAT: apparently you can't do rituals in the library

Goop: Which is a bummer. I was really hoping to summon some zombies

Ffs Im a RAM NOT A GOAT: and now we have a strike and an excuse pass cuz we're late

BOO BITCH: I thought it was a late pass?

Liek a da bee: it is but schlaltt calls them excusue passess

Ffs Im a RAM NOT A GOAT: because I have an excuse of why I was late

BOO BITCH: Makes sense
BOO BITCH: Wait, I thought you need 3 people for a ritual?

Ffs Im a RAM NOT A GOAT: Quackity was also there though he got detention after school

Epoch: what the honk :0 what for??

Ffs Im a RAM NOT A GOAT: for trying to 'lure the demons out' with drugs

Epoch: oh
Epoch: makes sense

BOO BITCH: Wait what

Epoch: don't worry
Epoch: It's normal

BOO BITCH: Worrying, but ok

Ffs Im a RAM NOT A GOAT: to make you feel better, the so-called 'drugs' is just a bag of sugar that he carries around


BOO BITCH: Do I even want to know why you know it was sugar...?

POGCHAMP: ofc you do
POGCHAMP: he wanted me to try some

Liek a da bee: whiel i poleitely decliend :)

Ffs Im a RAM NOT A GOAT: I'm a good role model for Tubbs. whatever I do, he'll do.

Habibi: I still have custody over him bitch

BOO BITCH: Custody?

Goop: Schlatt and Quackity are 'divorced' and Tubbo was basically their 'son' so they have equal custody over him after their divorce

Liek a da bee: Q is teeching me the guiatr! :D

Habibi: I am! :]

Man me a sand: I would say I'm better at teaching

Habibi: Bitch this is my child not yours

Man me a sand: I didn't say i was, it's just on the table

Habibi: Tubbs likes me better

Man me a sand: What are you, his mom?

Habibi: why tf am I the mom???

Liek a da bee: i dont think i have a momther

Man me a sand: Well Schlatt's definitely not the mom of the divorce

BI-Con: whatever happened to the gays, Wilbur?

Man me a sand: ...oh god, i did a tommy but with straight marriage.

BOO BITCH: Pardon?

Man me a sand: one time tommy forgot straight marriage was a thing. he was trying to explain what marriage fraud was and he could only think of gay couples.



Man me a sand: Late as in 5 pm.


BI-Con: honestly I thought I would forget straight people first, but nope

Built different: I would be sad if you forgot me :(

BI-Con: I technically forgot you once

Built different: Don't make this SADDER Eret, I'm trying to be EMOTIONAL

BI-Con: you're literally sitting next to me, Foolish.
BI-Con: we're partners.

Built different: Oh yeaaaa

Kid Collector: And you guys better get to work before I take your phones away :)

BI-Con: sorry, Phil
Built different: Sorry, Phil!

BOO BITCH: Wait, Mr. Minecraft, did I turn in my crafting sheet for how to craft tools up to iron?

Kid Collector: Yea, ya did

BOO BITCH: Okay, because I keep forgetting if I turned in assignments or not...

Bonk: I still need the math homeowrk, but you can give it to me next class.

BOO BITCH: I think I finished it.


Liek a da bee: i needed help vrom Eret and my dad

BONK: I don't get why people hate my class...

BOO BITCH: I think it's just math they hate...



Liek a da bee: ....

Bonk: ....
Bonk: Is it too late to quit before the school year's started?

Kid Collector: Unfortunately
Muffin Demon: Sadly

{ Rainbow Sheep has changed their name to Jeb_ }

Jeb_: This is gonna be a long school year :)

Gimme some money: Yep
Boom Dude: I can already tell.

Chapter 6: ※"#InsomniaGangsGettingLit"※


Someone told me that Ponk uses all pronouns and I did not know that, so I apologize! In this story, they will use all and the pronouns will switch around like Eret's.

Chapter Text


[ Chaos Incarnate ]

BOO BITCH: I keep hearing what sounds like a distress call outside my window.

Epoch: At 3 am?

BOO BITCH: I mean, there's been weirder stuff

Orphan Obliterator: I believe it
Orphan Obliterator: Just look at Tommy

Epoch: Dang, I almost feel bad for laughing

BOO BITCH:*Almost*

Man me a sand: Ranboo do u have insomnia too

BOO BITCH: Seeing as I've been awake for a few days and nearly fainting in the school fountain the other day, I would say yes

Epoch: Do you need help sleeping? I can talk with you for a bit if you'd like! :D

Orphan Obliterator: Karl, you can talk to anyone and they'll fall asleep.

Epoch: Is that a compliment or an insult...?

Orphan Obliterator: Compliment.

Epoch: awwwwwww
Epoch: I knew you thought of me as a friend, Techno! :]

Orphan Obliterator: Who told you that?
Orphan Obliterator: We only go to school together
Orphan Obliterator: Stay with your friend group, nerd.

BOO BITCH: What's your friend group, Techno?

Orphan Obliterator: Alone

Epoch: He talks to Phil a lot!
Epoch: As well as Niki, I think...

Orphan Obliterator: My privacyyyyyy

BOO BITCH: Is Niki the girl with pink hair with some blonde in it?

Epoch: Yea, she is
Epoch: Do you know her?

BOO BITCH: She helps me find books in the library sometimes.

Man me a sand: how do u know her name

BOO BITCH: Her friend called her over one time
BOO BITCH: I didn't mention my name all those times...

Orphan Obliterator: Speaking of name, can we please change that nickname that Tommy gave you? It's annoying me


Orphan Obliterator: It
Orphan Obliterator: Uh whatever

Epoch: I have a nickname in mind... :]

{ Epoch has changed BOO BITCH to Enderboy }

Enderboy: Huh
Enderboy: I like it much better
Enderboy: Wait was that rude towards Tommy
Enderboy: Is he awake I hope not

Orphan Obliterator: He's asleep
Orphan Obliterator: And nahhh, all of us at one point had to change our nicknames because Tommy changed it to something dumb

Teakettle: He changed mine to piss boy one time cus George had called me it one time!
Teakettle: ONE
Teakettle: TIME

Enderboy: Why that...?

Teakettle: George is color-blind, so instead of a green hoodie, he sees yellow

Epoch: I'm also color-blind, but partially! Or mildly I guess.

Teakettle: Miss Puffy and Sam are also colorblind
Teakettle: Sam said 'color deficient'
Teakettle: I don't think it's the same

Enderboy: Is there such thing as complete colorblindness?

Orphan Obliterator: You mean Achromatopsia?
Orphan Obliterator: People with it can't perceive any colors, only black, white, and shades of grey

Epoch: Why? Do you have it?

Enderboy: No, there's just this one memory that I have and it's in monochrome colors

Epoch: Is it the same one?

Enderboy: Yeah, I think I was younger in it

Epoch: I wish I could help you because I'm a "psychic" or whatever, but I tired myself out today...
Epoch: I can still talk to you though! :]
Epoch: Maybe we can get Eret as well!

Enderboy: Are they not asleep?

Epoch: Eret's usually awake at all times since he's a wither hybrid
Epoch: He only sleeps if it's unusually cold for him

Orphan Obliterator: Same

Enderboy: It depends for me

Epoch: Let me see if Eret's awake
Epoch:@BI-Con #insomniagangsgettinglit
Epoch: @BI-Con #insomniagangsgettinglit
Epoch: @BI-Con #insomniagangsgettinglit

BI-Con: Karl, please

Epoch: @BI-Con #insomniagangsgettinglit
Epoch: @BI-Con #insomniagangsgettinglit


Epoch: oh
Epoch: oops

Orphan Obliterator: bruh

BI-Con: I was just talking with Fundy over the phone since he had a nightmare again
BI-Con: he should be asleep soon, unlike the rest of you

Epoch: What about you??

BI-Con: I have an excuse, you guys just choose not to sleep
BI-Con: and before you reply Technoblade, I have FOR A FACT seen you sleep when it was NOT EVEN COLD, so don't come at me!

Orphan Obliterator: You're close to becoming an orphan, Eret.

BI-Con: I technically am one already :)

Enderboy: I'm so confused

Probs an alien: You'll understand one day

Enderboy: Oh, hello... what's your name again?

Probs an alien: Purpled

Enderboy: Ah

Probs an alien: I normally lurk the group chat
Probs an alien: Such as what Im doing right now


Probs an alien: And Im leaving
Probs an alien: Nice seeing ya
Probs an alien: Bye

Epoch: D: D: D:
Epoch: Purpled no

Orphan Obliterator: It was probably for the better
Orphan Obliterator: #insomniagangsnotgettinglit

Probs an alien: #insomniagangsnotgettinglit

Epoch: D: guys

Enderboy: #insomniagangsnotgettinglit


Enderboy: Sorry, I just wanted to join in

BI-Con: #insomniagangsnotgettinglit

Epoch: My friends are betraying me ;-;
Epoch: Well fine, I was tired anyway
Epoch: I love you guys, even though I hate you

Enderboy: What...?

BI-Con: Just go with it, Ranboo
BI-Con: Goodnight, Karl

Teakettle: He says that every time he gets mad at us

Orphan Obliterator: Bruh, where were you?

Teakettle: What, I can't make a midnight snack?

Probs an alien: Did you get an apple again?

Enderboy: It's been like 20 minutes
Enderboy: I don't think it would take him that long to get an apple

Orphan Obliterator: You'd be surprised
Orphan Obliterator: When it comes to sports and skills, he can do it quickly
Orphan Obliterator: When it comes to doing chores, homework, projects, and getting food, he just takes his time

Teakettle: That was only one time and I had to go to the bathroom

Probs an alien: Going to the bathroom takes 3-5 minutes not 20

Orphan Obliterator: Dream's just making up excuses at this point

Teakettle: I'm just a busy guy

Orphan Obliterator: Right... real 'busy'

BI-Con: I can talk to Foolish right now and ask him if you're either laying in bed or studying for your EnchantmentsI test

Teakettle: You wouldn't
Teakettle: He's sleeping

BI-Con: Actually, he's working on a new architecture build to impress Phil and Mr. Grian

Teakettle: damn him...
Teakettle: You may have won this time, Eret_Sparklez, but I always have a plan of vengeance

Orphan Obliterator: Ah yes, just like our middle school days

Teakettle: Those were the times...

Enderboy: I'm learning that you have to keep up in this group chat...

Probs an alien: I remember when I learned that too

Enderboy: Good thing you can remember

Probs an alien: that's sad
Probs an alien: Alexa play I write sins not tragedies

Enderboy: A banger

Probs an alien: Ik

Enderboy: But have you heard of Lemon Demon?

Probs an alien: Have I?

Enderboy: I dunno
Enderboy: That's why I'm asking you

Probs an alien: It was sarcasm
Probs an alien: Just look at most of my comments with a /s at the end

Enderboy: Ah...
Enderboy: Anyway, was that a good sarcasm or bad?

Probs an alien: Good one
Probs an alien: I have a tier list of my favorite songs

Enderboy: Let me give you mine in DM

Probs an alien: Oh uh sure

Chapter 7: ※"I can get through any firey wall"※


Noxcrew, Scott Smajor, and Alyssa are mentioned!
Ranboo DOES NOT like being stared at. It makes him hyper-aware of what's happening around him, as well as self-aware, and he just doesn't feel good when he is stared at all together.

TW: Repressing hybrid instincts (that might be a thing throughout the book), and mentions living in a bad environment (foster home)

Chapter Text


[ Chaos Incarnate ]

Boom Dude:@Enderboy can you stop by my room after class?

POGCHAMP: OoOOoOo boob boy's in troUblEeEeeEeE

Boom Dude: No he's not

Enderboy: Then why am I going there?

Boom Dude: I need to test your hacking skills

Enderboy: oh
Enderboy: Okay

Man me a sand: I feel like you shouldn't have accepted that as quickly as ya did

Enderboy: What do you mean?

Orphan Obliterator: He means nothing.
Orphan Obliterator: Just do whatever you normally do when you hack into stuff
Orphan Obliterator: Without making Sam cry this time


Enderboy: Sorry again...

Epoch: Don't be sorry!
Epoch: We love having you here! :]

Enderboy: Really?

Probs an alien: I honestly met you at like 3 am last night, but you seem cool

Liek a da bee: I like you like I liek a da bee, boo! :D

POGCHAMP: your pog

Enderboy: Thanks, Tommy

POGCHAMP: no problem, boob boy

Enderboy: Okay...

[ Third Person POV ]

After Ranboo's classes were over and done with, he headed over to Sam's classroom. He honestly didn't mind using his so-called hacking 'skills' to get through stuff. The first time he hacked into something, he was in middle school.

It was his 14th birthday and he was gifted a new laptop. He wasn't expecting it from the foster parent he was living with at the time, given the circ*mstances of how he was treated there. So of course Ranboo ran up to his room to set it up, wanting to be his individual as well as staying out of the way of his foster parent.

He didn't expect to get as far as he did. He only went to the nearby park on his own, sat down on a bench, and began to type.

He didn't understand why he could see a screen belonging somewhat to the latest smartphone that came out.

Some rumors said that it was also easy to hijack as well.

Then Ranboo clicked a button, which always seems to go well, doesn't it?

And it deleted the smartphone's data.

Ranboo realized what he had done a little bit too late until he heard some swearing and shouting from nearby; something about 'smartphone' and 'data'.

Ranboo left as quickly as he could.

Despite his memory gaps, the memory of his first time hacking something just wouldn't leave him. But now, he's a bit more experienced and has gotten over his mistakes.

Kind of.

He still feels bad for deleting the data of the smartphone.

He still has the laptop, which admittedly has seen better days. It has a few cracks in it and is a bit slow, but Ranboo is patient and can't ask for more.

Ranboo didn't think he would show his hacking 'skills' to anyone, let alone anyone calling them of the sort, but here he is.

In front of Sam's classroom.

He opened the door and saw Ponk talking to Sam. They were both looking down at something on the desk. Sam sat in his chair, while Ponk was leaning over.

"Are you sure those are his grades?" Ponk spoke up.

"I'm sure. I even think he can go to an AP class. Maybe Scott's." Sam said.

"Maybe... but he seems to like your class." Ponk said, then he stood up.

"Yeah, maybe next year he can be in AP coding," Sam said and started to stack his papers, putting them in a folder.

"Um... hello?" Ranboo spoke up after standing awkwardly at the doorway.

Sam turned to him, "Oh, Ranboo! Take a seat anywhere."

"I still can't believe he's that tall... it makes me realize how short I am." Ponk muttered.

"You're shorter than everyone." Sam said while standing up, "Except for Antfrost and Skeppy, of course."

"Oh, ha-ha..." Ponk laughed sarcastically, "I'm average height, I'll have you know."

"5'2 is average for you?" Sam smirked.

"Screw you, I don't need to listen to you anyway. I'm gonna call Alyssa since she appreciates me more!" Ponk crossed their arms, huffed, and left the room.

"So dramatic..." Sam sighed and brought his attention to Ranboo, "Anyway, let's get into the basics. You've already been in my classes, now to see what you can do on your own."

"Oh, uh, okay..." Ranboo looked down at the desk he was sitting at.

"So, to find where you're at in coding, I have made my very own firewall with the help of some people over at Noxcrew," Sam spoke while grabbing a laptop and placing it in front of Ranboo.

"You mean the people who run the championship every year?" Ranboo asked, his eyes wide.

"Yeah, anyway, on the screen is your regular browser, but I want you to try and hack into this website that the Noxcrew has created," Sam explained, giving Ranboo a slip of paper with the website link.

"Are you sure that's okay?" Ranboo asked, placing his hands near the keyboard.

"Of course. Noxcrew created this website just for this test. It'll be deleted after, just don't worry about it." Sam waved his hand and took a seat at his desk.

"Okay..." Ranboo looked on the computer and took a deep breath. He looked at the website link and started to make do with what little knowledge he had of this website.

He could feel Sam staring at him.

His hands shook a little as he realized he was being stared at, his tail almost swinging frantically if not for him repressing every hybrid instinct he's come to know about himself. His tail just twitched, same with his ears. He could almost hear everything in and outside of the room. He could hear his enderpearl buzzing in his chest, probably irritated at being stared at.

Okay, he can't deal with this anymore.

"Um... Sam?" Ranboo spoke up.

"Are you done that quickly? It's only been 5 minutes." Sam said.

"Uh, no... it's just- uh..." Ranboo cleared his throat awkwardly, "You're s-staring at me... please stop."

"Oh! Sorry, I completely forgot about that. I should grade papers anyway..." Sam shuffled through his desk, attempting to find a distraction for himself.

Ranboo sighed in relief and released some of the tension on his shoulders. He continued to type away at the computer, frowning at some hard parts, smiling when he finally figured it out.

As Ranboo pressed the enter key 15 minutes later, the website loaded. Ranboo looked over the website.

"Um is this... an advertisem*nt for an upcoming Noxcrew project...?" Ranboo muttered. Sam, being the only other person in the room, jumped up and walked over to Ranboo, looking at the laptop screen.

"No way... you got through it?" Sam gaped.

"I guess I did." Ranboo shrugged. Then he smiled and crossed his arms, "Huh, beat that, firewalls. I can get through any firey wall."

Sam just stared in defeat, "What will I tell Noxcrew?"

Chapter 8: ※"did you just f*cking call me wilbah thru text"※


TW: Vague mentions/descriptions of dreams (like very vague), hacking to obtain personal info

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text


[ Chaos Incarnate ]

Enderboy: I think I passed the coding test...?

Teakettle: you think?

Enderboy: I mean I did
Enderboy: It just lead me to a website

Teakettle: what kinda website?

Enderboy: I don't think I can tell you...

POGCHAMP: Why not, boob boy!

Enderboy: Sam told me not to.


Muffin Demon: LANGUAGE >:(

Boom Dude: I did ask him not to tell anyone what the website was under the penalty of expulsion.

Enderboy: Uh yeah
Enderboy: What he said

POGCHAMP: You can't even tell me Sam???

Boom Dude: I'm sorry, Tommy. It's not up to me, Ranboo, or any staff here to tell you anything.

Enderboy: sorry, Tommy


Enderboy: We were friends?

Teakettle: Oof
Teakettle: take that, child


Muffin Demon: He didn't say anything about the child remark?
Muffin Demon: That's surprising

Boom Dude: Just wait

POGCHAMP:@Man me a sand
POGCHAMP:@Man me a sand

Muffin Demon: O_o

POGCHAMP:@Man me a sand

Man me a sand: tf you want child

POGCHAMP: wilbah they were mean to me :(

Man me a sand: ...
Man me a sand: why
Man me a sand: did you just f*cking call me wilbah thru text

POGCHAMP: my emotions needed to be clear wilbah

Man me a sand: pls stop before I hand techno 50 dollars to drop kick you

POGCHAMP: yes wilbur
POGCHAMP: srry wilbur

Orphan Obliterator: bruhhh
Orphan Obliterator: I wanted the cash

Kid Collector: Techno, you know what happened last time you drop-kicked a child.

Orphan Obliterator: I know...
Orphan Obliterator: I was just tempted to drop kick an orphan, Phil.

Enderboy: I don't know whether to ask why you did that or what happened when you did it...

Orphan Obliterator: You don't need to worry about that, new kid. As long as you're not a douche or an orphan then I'll leave you alone.

Enderboy: Ah
Enderboy: Nope
Enderboy: Not either of those
Enderboy: And I'm for sure not an orphan

Epoch: Smooth
BI-Con: Smooth

Orphan Obliterator: Okay?
Orphan Obliterator: Weird.

POGCHAMP:@BI-CON where's tubbo?? he's not by our usual hangout

BI-Con: He had a doctor's appointment after school and he's not allowed to have his phone in the doctor's room.

Habibi: Is he okay?

BI-Con: He's okay physically.

Ffs Im a RAM NOT A GOAT: Physically? What about emotionally or mentally?

BI-Con: I would say mentally. He's been having strange dreams recently and dad is worried about his mental state. This is the earliest that the doctor could see Tubbo.

POGCHAMP: What kind of dreams are they?

BI-Con: I don't think I can say... they're very dark.

Ffs Im a RAM NOT A GOAT: How dark?

BI-Con: Your kind of dark, Schlatt

Ffs Im a RAM NOT A GOAT: Holy f*ck
Ffs Im a RAM NOT A GOAT: that is dark

BI-Con: I know
BI-Con: But don't worry, Tubbo will be fine
BI-Con: He's a strong kid
BI-Con: Probably stronger than me...

POGCHAMP: yeah...
POGCHAMP: fine...

BI-Con: You can come over if you want, Tommy.

POGCHAMP: Phil...?

Kid Collector: Just go, I can just see you sulking on the bench from here.


Man me a sand: now who will listen to me practice guitar?

Orphan Obliterator: I'm outside.

Man me a sand: the sun is also outside

Orphan Obliterator: There's literally a tree in our backyard, Wil

Man me a sand: bugs are also outside.

Orphan Obliterator: If you didn't want to hang out with me, you could've said so.

Man me a sand: nah, im coming outside. f*ck you.

Orphan Obliterator: You're very weird...

Goop:@Habibi where are you??? I haven't seen you since lunch at school

Habibi: Slime! I thought I told you to meet me at the new cafe in the Las Nevadas district?

Goop: You didn't >~<
Goop: I think I ended up in the rundown part of Esempii while looking for you?

Habibi: I'm not even gonna ask how you attempted that...
Habibi: I'll send you directions, Slime.

Enderboy: I'm near the run-down area of Esempii and I know where the cafe is... I wrote the directions down in my journal.

Habibi: Do I even want to know why you're in the run-down area?

Enderboy: Taking a walk and wandering off too far...?

Habibi: Uh-huh

Goop: Yay!
Goop: I wanna get to know the new kid!

Enderboy: Oh okay, just stay there. I know the area like the back of my hand.

Habibi: ...but it's the run-down area? why would you know the area that well?
Habibi: This kid really good at dodging questions...

Direct Messages

[ Quackity - Dream ]

Quackity: You usually search all the info you can on new members, right?

Dream: yeah?

Quackity: Anything on Ranboo?

Dream: no, I couldn't find anything on him. he has really high security, it seems.

Quackity: Bummer, he's good at dodging any questions we ask when he says something strange.

Dream: yeah.

Quackity: I'll ttyl, I see Slime in the distance.

Dream: kay, bye

[ Dream - Philza ]

Dream: did you know?

Philza: Huh?

Dream: Ranboo's situation?

Philza: Dream
Philza: You're not supposed to have that information.
Philza: If that information gets out, it will get you and Ranboo expelled.

Dream: I didn't know it was that serious in the first place!
Dream: you could've told me not to hack into the school's database in the first place!

Philza: Well, I didn't know you hack into it in the first place! Could've been nice to know who has been rewriting information and changing grades in the first place!

Dream: fine, I won't do that stuff anymore and I won't tell anyone about Ranboo's situation.

Philza: A simple 'I promise' won't do for the system, Dream. If anyone finds out, you, Ranboo, and probably me, will be in trouble.
Philza: Do not tell anyone.
Philza: No.
Philza: One.

Dream: just how serious is this, Phil?

Philza: Very serious, Dream. Trust me, every teacher here was freaking out when Ranboo first enrolled here.

Dream: and he doesn't remember it?

Philza: nope


[ Chaos Incarnate ]

Habibi: oh my god, Ranboo's tall af
Habibi: I feel intimidated next to him

Enderboy: I can slouch next time?

Habibi: no, no, it's fine
Habibi: I was just surprised by your height

Goop: I wanted brotherslime to stay :(

Habibi: maybe next time Slime

Enderboy: Yeah, we can hang out some other time :)

Goop: Okay, brotherslime! :D

Habibi: I feel like I missed a portion of their conversation...


Did I mention that this will have a bit of a dark backstory in it about Ranboo...? No? Oh well, warning you all now.
~End Note~
So I've been thinking about writing a spin-off story to this one about the teachers' perspectives where the teachers in this story have a group chat and it'll be from their pov. It might be a bit ooc since I haven't watched a few of them in quite a long time. It'll be a completely different book to this one. But I'll only write it if you guys want me to and when I get around to writing the main premise of it.



TW: Self-deprecation, intrusive thinking, flinching

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text



[ Chaos Incarnate ]


POGCHAMP: woohoo

Man me a sand: tf
Man me a sand: you're usually happy you get to blow things up, tommy
Man me a sand: what changed

Probs an alien: he's probably upset cause he got paired up with Ranboo

Enderboy: oh
Enderboy: sorry

Man me a sand: if you apologize one more time over nothing I swear im throwing you out a window

Enderboy: okay...

Liek a da bee: oh come on tom, you have to talk to ranboo evantully

POGCHAMP: fine...
POGCHAMP: so boob boy, we doing this project at yours or mine?

Enderboy: Don't call me that... and yours.

POGCHAMP: have it your way then

[ Third Person POV ]

Ranboo sighed and changed his direction. He was feeling mixed emotions right now.

He was happy to not go back there, but he had a feeling Tommy wasn't going to cheer up no matter what he did.

What did he even do to Tommy?

'Probably exist. That seems to make everyone I meet upset anyway.'

It's only a matter of time before this group chat does the same with him and kicks him out. He wouldn't be surprised.

Ranboo stopped and looked around. Was he even going the right way? Where was he anyway? He took out his phone and decided to text Tommy.

Direct Messages

[ Ranboo - Tommy ]

Ranboo: I forgot to ask where you live...

Tommy: of f*ckin course ya did
Tommy:[ Tommyinnit has sent you their location ]

[ Third Person POV ]

Surprisingly Ranboo was going the right way, only one more block. He walked down the sidewalk, looking at the lovely scenery around him.

He could never afford any of these houses. Even if a lot of them were only one story.

Ranboo eventually stopped in front of a light blue two-story house. It even had a flower garden in the front and a stone walkway up to the porch.

Ranboo would have to be careful at where he stepped. He wouldn't want his dirty worn-down sneakers tainting the floors of this beautiful house.

The enderman walked up to the doorway. The porch had a white awning over it connected to the porch railing, possibly to stop the rain. Ranboo thanked the deities that it was sunny out.

He rang the doorbell and waited. He heard a yell and someone screeching.

Ranboo figured he knew who the person screeching was.

The door opened and he was face-to-face with Tommy. He recognized him from some classes, but this was the first time they were interacting with each other head-on.

Tommy muttered something under his breath which Ranboo could only guess was an insult, then froze when Tommy looked at him in the eyes.

"Don't get too comfortable, Ranboob, this is only a one-time thing." Tommy threatened. Ranboo nodded a bit, as he couldn't speak from someone staring into his eyes.

"Tommy!" A voice called from inside. Tommy was yanked aside by the sleeve of his shirt. The child yelped as he was pulled. A pair of wings was facing Ranboo as the person was talking to Tommy from the doorway, "What did I say about threatening others? At least pretend it's going to be a fun experience."

'Ow, that was harsh.'Ranboo frowned.

Then the person faced Ranboo and the enderian recognized his face from school.

"Mr. Minecraft?" Ranboo muttered, quirking an eyebrow.

"Please, Ranboo, just call me Phil..." He said, exasperated.

"Oh, right."

"Anyway, please come in while Tommy cleans the dining table for whatever science things you guys are coming up with." Phil smiled and moved a bit to let Ranboo in.

"What!? Why do I have to clean up!?" Tommy exclaimed, making Ranboo flinch at the loud noise. He looked around to make sure no one noticed, which they hadn't.

"You and your business bay coup still haven't cleaned it up since last weekend! We've had to eat dinner on the couch, which has ended up in more food fights than actual movie nights." Phil lowered and shook his head.

Ranboo decided to leave them be and stepped inside. He softly closed the door, to the attention of Phil's elytrian hearing.

"Ranboo, feel free to have a seat on the couch. I cleaned it from the food fights, thankfully." Phil said, tucking his wings in further.

Ranboo nodded and watched as Tommy grumbled and went to, what Ranboo presumed, was the dining room to clean the table.

The enderian moved to the living room. He took a glance around. Cream-colored couches and recliners, dark oakwood floorings, a light brown coffee table in front of the medium-sized television that was hung up. He noticed a few picture frames on the end tables in between the couches and recliners.

Ranboo also noticed that someone else was there.


He was sitting on one of the recliners facing Ranboo, reading a book with a crimson color. Ranboo recognized a book that looked familiar that he had read a few times before, but those times were short-lived since it was at his old school. He hadn't gotten a chance to finish it.

Ranboo hesitated at the entryway of the room, deciding in his head where to sit and if Technoblade would get mad if he sat anywhere near him.

Then the piglin hybrid glanced up. Ranboo froze, but he noticed that Techno wasn't looking into his eyes, just under them.

"Are you just gonna stand there or sit down, kid?" He asked.

Ranboo blinked, then blushed in embarrassment, "R-Right..."

Ranboo slowly sat down in the other recliner across from Techno's, hoping he wouldn't get mad about it.

Techno raised an eyebrow in his direction, but decided to not say anything and continued reading.

"Hey, Techno, I'm gonna go pick up Wilbur from band practice. Make sure Tommy and Ranboo be safe during their science project and make sure Tommy doesn't cause trouble." Phil said as he passed the living room, "Like an explosion... again."

'Again!?'Ranboo's eyes widened,'I guess that's common in my life though...'

"You got it, Phil," Techno said, eyes still trained on his book.

Ranboo looked closely at the cover, his eyes widening when he read the title.

'The Art of War by Sun Tzu.'

No wonder the book looked familiar. Ranboo read the same book a few times before, yet he hadn't finished it.

"Um-" Ranboo spoke before he could stop himself. He noticed that Techno's ear lifted, so there was no backing out now, "what chapter are you at?"

Techno lifted his eyes for a few seconds before looking back down, "Chapter nine. This is my hundredth time re-reading it."

"Oh, I haven't finished it..." Ranboo muttered.

"Did you not like it...?" Techno looked at the enderian with a cold stare.

Ranboo shuddered under the gaze, "N-no, that's not it! I just couldn't finish it. There were, uh... complications, at my old school."

Techno's eyes scanned his face, making Ranboo worry since technically he didn't lie about there being 'complications'. He just didn't want to mention he was expelled from his old school for some reason, them not giving Ranboo the reason.

The piglin shrugged it off and went back to his book, "Did you enjoy what you did read then?"

"Definitely!" Ranboo nodded.

"What nerdy sh*t were you guys talking about?" Tommy interrupted.

"The Art of War isn't nerdy." Ranboo and Technoblade spoke at the same time, Ranboo louder than the other.

The enderian and piglin glanced at each other, then back at Tommy.

"The f*ck-?" Tommy backed away, then looked at Ranboo, "Stop whatever your doing!"

"What?" Ranboo tilted his head.

"Being f*cking weird and liking nerdy sh*t." Tommy pointed at the book in Techno's hands.

"But Sun Tzu isn't nerdy...? I think he was wise in writing the strategies for war." Ranboo said.

"Agh...!" Tommy screamed, making Ranboo flinch at the loud sound, "This is too nerdy for me! Just come on, we have to do this science thing."

Tommy grabbed Ranboo's wrist, yanking him towards the dining room.

Technoblade watched them go into the other room, "Hm..."


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Chapter 10: ※"That Ranboo kid is weird"※


TW: Mentions of not eating, mentions of burning something, self-deprecation

Chapter Text


[ Third Person POV ]

After Tommy stopped grumbling under his breath about Ranboo, they eventually got to work on the basis of their science project.

"I want explosions everywhere!" Tommy yelled, emphasizing with his hands.

"Wouldn't that be dangerous...?" Ranboo tilted his head, confused.

"Uh, no. The explosions won't hurt anyone, idiot, it'll just be some sort of substance that'll get everywhere and be an inconvenience." Tommy explained, waving him off.

"Like you?" Techno spoke up from the chair he was sitting in. He decided to move to the dining table to watch them and make sure nothing happened.

"How dare you!" Tommy stood up suddenly, making his chair nearly tip over from the force.

'Does he need to yellallthe time...?'Ranboo thought, rubbing his head from the growing headache he was getting.

"Calm down, Tommy. Besides, dad saidnoexplosions." Techno said, looking up from his homework, which he had moved on to.

Tommy huffed and sat down, crossing his arms, "It's boring with no explosions..."

Ranboo thought for a moment, "Um... I might know of something we can work on that will be fun."

Tommy raised an eyebrow, "Well hurry up, bitch boy, we don't have all day."

Ranboo just decided to ignore the nickname and explained the idea to Tommy.

⁎ ⁑ ⁂ ⁂ ⁑ ⁎

After what seemed like an hour of convincing, Tommy agreed to go with the science project idea.

"I'll buy the ingredients for it then," Tommy muttered, tapping away on his phone, presumably to remind him.

"I guess I'll write down the instructions," Ranboo said, glancing at the clock for a moment. Then he fully turned to look at it, "It's already 5!?"

"Yes...?" Techno trailed off when he noticed a slight panic in Ranboo's eyes, "Everything okay, Ranboo?"

"Uh, y-yes! It's just that I have to get going. The people I live with have a strict schedule." Ranboo shakily stood up, "Thank you for the, uh- hospitality. I'll talk to you later, bye."

Ranboo quickly walked out of the dining room and the house. He forgot to text someone that he'll be late because of his stupid memory problems and now he might not have dinner as a repercussion.

'Screw walking, I'm just gonna make a run for it and hope I'll make it by 5:30.'Ranboo thought as his speed walking turned to a run.

He could barely feel his phone vibrating in his pocket, but he opted to ignore it for the time being.


[ Chaos Incarnate ]

Orphan Obliterator: That Ranboo kid is weird

Teakettle: how weird?

Orphan Obliterator: He left in a hurry, saying that 'the people he lives with has a strict schedule'

Man me a sand: he calls his parents the people he lives with?

Orphan Obliterator: I guess.

Teakettle: it's probably nothing

Orphan Obliterator: Still
Orphan Obliterator: It was weird.

POGCHAMP: is it too late for a new partner?

Man me a sand: be quiet, child

Orphan Obliterator: It didn't look like you minded the idea for the project that much, so I don't know what you're complaining about.


Orphan Obliterator: Right


Man me a sand: we're getting take-out


Man me a sand: stop swearing at me jeez

POGCHAMP: f*cking make me

Man me a sand: I'll burn every disc you own

POGCHAMP: I've hidden all my discs

Man me a sand: they're in a secret compartment under your bed.

POGCHAMP: you win

Enderboy: um... what did I miss?

POGCHAMP: nothing boob boy

Enderboy: oh
Enderboy: okay

Orphan Obliterator: You sure left in a hurry, Ranboo

Enderboy: yeah
Enderboy: it was getting close to dinnertime

Orphan Obliterator: You could've had dinner with us
Orphan Obliterator: I'm sure dad wouldn't mind

Man me a sand: He literally wouldn't

Enderboy: no
Enderboy: I don't want to be a bother

Orphan Obliterator: I doubt you're a bother to anyone.


Orphan Obliterator: Shut up, Tommy.


Enderboy: I'm just going to sleep early

Man me a sand: you okay, Ranboo

Enderboy: yeah
Enderboy: I just exhausted myself today
Enderboy: I guess

Man me a sand: okay
Man me a sand: g'night, Ranboo

Orphan Obliterator: Night, Ranboo

Probs an alien: something seemed off with him

Man me a sand: damn
Man me a sand: I forgot you always stalk this chat

Orphan Obliterator: What do you mean, Purpled?

Probs an alien: idk
Probs an alien: I just sense something is wrong

POGCHAMP: I forgot
POGCHAMP: can't your antennas sense emotions?

Probs an alien: yeah
Probs an alien: which is probs why I sense something is wrong
Probs an alien: I can't really tell emotions thru text, but something seemed off...
Probs an alien: I can't put my finger on it...

Goop: Don't you mean you can't put your antenna on it?

Probs an alien: I literally hate you

Goop: D:

Chapter 11: ※"MEMORY QUADRO IT IS!"※


I've been busy with my GED schoolwork and it takes most of my energy, so I couldn't update. Luckily, here's an update because it's spring break!

TWs: Talk of murdering someone and chasing someone around with a sword (doesn't actually happen, it's just lightly there), self-deprecating Ranboo makes an appearance for like one line

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text



[ Chaos Incarnate ]

Epoch:@Enderboy@BI-Con are we meeting at the spot for lunch?

BI-Con: I'm already omw

Enderboy: I'm being cautious this time...

Epoch: Don't worry Ranboo, we'll protect you! Stay still and I'll be there soon!

Enderboy: You don't even know where I am...

Epoch: I'm assuming close to the spot where we first met.

Enderboy: Well... yeah.

Epoch: I'm literally down the hallway.

Enderboy: That was fast.

BI-Con: You should see him when he's protecting his 'fiance'.

Epoch: No one messes with Sapnap except for me! and maybe Quackity.
Epoch: And he's not my fiance or boyfriend!

Samsung refrigerator: wait I'm not?

Teakettle: He's not?
Resident sleeper literally: He's not?

Could Be Gayer: huh?

Boom Dude: Could've fooled me.

Muffin Demon: HAH! Take that Skeppy, I told you he wasn't dating anyone!

rich boi: no fair

Boom Dude: If he was, you would've killed Karl and/or Quackity since they both seem to flirt with him.

Samsung refrigerator: quackity flirts with everyone.

Resident sleeper literally: True, he wouldn't stop calling me pretty when we first met.

Teakettle: It's the pretty privilege, george.

Resident sleeper literally: Uh-huh...

BI-Con: He's also flirted with me on several occasions.

Man me a sand: he's flirted with me multiple times

Orphan Obliterator: He attempted to flirt with me.

Man me a sand: that didn't go well for him

Enderboy: Which him? Quackity or Techno?

Man me a sand: both.


Orphan Obliterator: It wasn't a sword, it was a Foil used for fencing practice and can barely do any damage to a person.
Orphan Obliterator: You just happened to be my target.


Enderboy: I didn't even know this school had fencing... how many clubs are at this school?

Man me a sand: You'd be surprised at how many things the principal can fit in this school.

POGCHAMP: he's f*cking loaded

Liek a da bee: I can vouch for my fahter that he is ineded loaded.

BI-Con: ^ yep

Enderboy: Doesn't that make you guys loaded as well?

BI-Con: If we do our chores, then yes.

Liek a da bee: and hoemwork

BI-Con: yep

Epoch:@Enderboy@BI-Con guyyyssss, get off your phones! It's memory trio time!

POGCHAMP: tf is memory trio?

Epoch: Me, Ranboo, and Eret all have a form of memory loss so we formed our own trio :]

POGCHAMP: have you considered adding Miss Puffy?

Epoch: Miss Puffy?

POGCHAMP: I'm pretty sure she can't remember anything before she got to this city.

Liek a da bee: oh yeah my dad mentioned soemthing about that
Liek a da bee: her life is a mystery

Epoch: Maybe we can add her to the trio :0

BI-Con: It wouldn't be a trio by then, Karl

Epoch: Memory Quadro? :]

Enderboy: That doesn't mean four tho...?

Epoch: How many sides do a painting or picture usually have, Ranboo?

Enderboy: Four...?


Enderboy: oh
Enderboy: okay

BI-Con: It's very hard to change his mind once it's set on something.

Enderboy: I see

Epoch: Are you kidding me!? The bell rang already!?!?!?!?

BI-Con: Guess we have to put our phones on silent at lunchtime from now on haha

Epoch: Wait! Are you guys free this weekend?

BI-Con: Depends on what you're gonna ask me so it can either be safe for my dad or I'll have to think of an excuse.

Enderboy: I think I'm free

BI-Con: You think?

Enderboy: I usually do chores on the weekend...

Epoch: What's your allowance like?

Enderboy: Um...
Enderboy: decent.

BI-Con: Do they even give allowances there?

Enderboy: yeah.

Epoch: Good, because I was gonna ask if you guys wanna go to the mall tomorrow?

BI-Con: Is there a sale for shoes?

Epoch: No...
Epoch: And before you decline
Epoch: This will be our first time hanging out with Ranboo outside of school!
Epoch: It'll be special!

Enderboy: what's the big deal with hanging out with me...? and why is it special?

BI-Con: please don't get him started... he'll probably write a ten-page essay about why it's important to hang out with others he likes.

Liek a da bee: I beleive it

Epoch: That was one time ;(

BI-Con: And a memorable time, unlike the rest of my memory.

Epoch: rip
Enderboy: rip

BI-Con: thanks guys.

Epoch: Anyway, back to the mall topic.
Epoch: I'll be lonely if I go by myself ;(

BI-Con: omg fine
BI-Con: I'll ask my father

Enderboy: I'll see my chore list and try to get everything done beforehand :)

Epoch: Thank you guyyysss!

Kid Collector: Ranboo, as much as you are my favorite student in this class, please stop texting during my lesson.

Enderboy: Sorry, Mr. Minecraft!

Kid Collector: Call me Phil, mate :)

POGCHAMP: First Technoblade is your favorite child, and now you have favorite STUDENTS!?!?!?

Liek a da bee: I think its about time to quit and exit the game, my guy

Enderboy: Sorry...?

Kid Collector: Ignore them, Ranboo. Just focus on the lesson.
Kid Collector: Pay the f*ck attention, gremlin children.

Muffin Demon: I almost feel bad for you, but then again, you're the only one who can keep them in check...

Jeb_: Ahem... I think you're the only one who can't, Bad.

rich boi: oof
rich boi: talk about a low blow

Muffin Demon: >:(
Muffin Demon: Just for that, skeppy, you're not getting any freshly-baked muffins when we get home.

rich boi: :(


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Chapter 12: ※"I just tripped"※


TWs: Practically child labor (or teen labor, I guess), hybrid discrimination, bullying, blood, Ranboo in pain, burning (from tears)

Angst chapter go brrrrr, but then there's hurt/comfort :]

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text


Direct Messages

[ Karl - Ranboo ]

Karl: Morning, Ran! when you get done with chores, let's meet up at that cafe in the Las Nevadas district.

Karl: Eret will meet us there! :]

Ranboo: okay, see you there

[ Third Person POV ]

'Hopefully...'Ranboo looked at his list and did the math,'I should be done before lunchtime...'

He folded the list and got to work. Naturally, he was one of the only hybrids in the orphanage, so he got most of the chores.

Yet the other hybrids still didn't get as much work as he did.

They were considered 'not hostile'.

It's like they never learned about Endermen.

Just don't look one in the eyes, or else you'll piss it off.

Sounds easy, right?

According to them, it wasn't.

So Ranboo did what he had to. He didn't complain.

He learned very quickly what happened when someone complained.

Ranboo sighed as he grabbed the black trash bags in his grasp, heading for the front door to put them outside.

He opened the front door, seeing a few kids playing on the steps. He paid them no mind since it was quite common for other kids to play on the stairs or even in the middle of the road.

Ranboo took the trash bags and put them near the curb. He stepped away, took a breath, and then started to walk back to the door.

He almost made it, if not for the foot that caught his left foot. Ranboo's eyes widened, and his heart stopped for a beat. Then he felt a shooting pain in his chin, pinching in his hands, and sharp pain in his foot.

"Oops, my bad." A voice said.

Ranboo groaned and opened his eyes, only just realizing they were closed from the impact.

The kids that were playing on the steps walked away, either mocking him or laughing about what they did. It was all the same to Ranboo.

The enderboy shifted a bit on the steps, nearly gasping out when he moved his hands out from under him.

He slowly sat up on the steps. He felt something dribble down his chin and his neck. He brought a hand up, wincing a bit at the contact of either his hand or his chin, he couldn't tell since they were both messed up. He looked at his hand and he was nearly surprised.

'I forgot my blood was two different colors...'Ranboo thought.

"Ranboo!?" A voice exclaimed.

Ranboo looked up, seeing someone they didn't expect to see, "Miss Puffy?"

"Ranboo, what happened to you!? You look terrible!" Puffy hurriedly walked up the steps and stood in front of Ranboo. She got out one of her handkerchiefs and gently took Ranboo's face in her hands, "I know magma cream helps ender hybrids better, but I don't have any at the moment. I'll just have to clean the blood for now."

"What are you doing here, Puffy?" Ranboo asked. He would've tilted his head, but Puffy was moving it around to get a better look.

"Starting today, I'm going to be volunteering to take care of the kids here on weekends." As Puffy spoke, she grimaced at Ranboo's chin and moved on to his hands. Ranboo nearly pulled away because it felt like a thousand pins were penetrating his skin at the slightest touch. He just resorted to closing his eyes and tensing up, "I thought you would be with Karl and Eret at this time..."

"H-How did...?" Ranboo muttered.

"Backread." Puffy noticed how the enderling was trying to make himself smaller, "Ranboo, as your counselor and personally assigned therapist, I know this was no accident. You're still getting bullied, aren't you?"

Ranboo hesitated before speaking, "n-no, I just tripped, that's all."

Puffy frowned, a bit upset. Upset for not getting the whole truth, upset that people were bullying an innocent teenager just for the fun of it, and upset that the teen was getting injured like this because of it.

She sighed, "I know that, for now, you won't tell me the whole truth but just know there are amazing people that want to get to know you and care a lot about you. You're a great kid, Ranboo, I don't want you to push people away because you think they might be afraid of you."

Ranboo opened his eyes after that. It was as if what she said made something in him emotional. He was already emotional before, but he couldn't help it.

It just clicked.

The first few tears that traveled down Ranboo's face only stung, but then it got worse. Puffy quickly got out another handkerchief and tried to dry his tears before any of them made too much damage to his skin.

"I-I'm sorry..." Ranboo cried as he leaned into Puffy's shoulder. Puffy gently hugged him, still attempting to dry his tears any way she could.

'Damnit, now I should've gotten that magma cream...'Puffy thought.

Ranboo cried for a few more minutes, then he lifted his head from Puffy's shoulder.

"Better?" Puffy asked, rubbing his arm gently.

Ranboo nodded slightly, "I-I have magma cream in my room... just in case."

He said those last words quietly, but Puffy heard him, being a sheep hybrid and all. She said nothing about it, though she did feel even more upset.

"Let's go then. These stairs are uncomfortable." Despite being upset, Puffy held a smile and helped Ranboo stand up.

They went to Ranboo's room down the hall. Puffy noticed that it was away from the other kids' rooms. She frowned a bit.

Ranboo got out a bottle of magma cream and unscrewed the cap. He made a face, "Looks like I'll have to get some more soon..."

"Well, you're going to the mall today, right? You should get some there." Puffy spoke.

"I don't have any money though..."

"What, I thought you said you got an allowance?" Puffy furrowed her eyebrows.

Ranboo sent a downcast look in her direction. It took all of Puffy's last bit of sanity to not sue the orphanage.

"I mean, I don't have the money for magma cream, but I can afford another floral button-up shirt," Ranboo spoke.

"You only have 10 dollars?" Puffy was exasperated.

"I mean, a bit less than that, but yeah, just about."

"Okay, that's it, from now on. I'm giving you an allowance." Puffy crossed her arms.

"Is that even allowed for volunteers...?" Ranboo asked.

"It's called an allowance for a reason, Ranboo. I allow it."

"Oh, okay." Ranboo shrugged.

"Anyway, here's 100 dollars for the mall." Puffy got her wallet out and gave Ranboo a couple of dollars.

"Wait, what!? No, no, no, I don't need this much. You might need it for yourself." Ranboo tried to give her the dollars back.

"Nope, you keep it. I get enough from my job anyway." Puffy gave him a sly smile.

"Are you sure?" Ranboo asked.

"I wouldn't be giving you it if I wasn't sure. As long as I have enough money to feed my rascals at home, I'm good." Puffy laughed a bit.

"Thank you..." Ranboo nodded a bit and put the money in his pocket.

"All good, now let's get you cleaned up so you can meet Karl and Eret." Puffy took the magma cream.

"But I still need to do the dishes-"

"No, not in a million years, will I ever let you, an ender hybrid, do the f*cking dishes."

"But I do them all the time..."

"Not this time. I'll bribe someone else to do them." Puffy started applying the magma cream to Ranboo's skin.

"Oh, okay then."


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Chapter 13: ※"For the boba tea"※


That's right, you guys get ANOTHER chapter because it's Easter tomorrow, and if you don't celebrate Easter, then... have a great weekend! <3

TWs: Ranboo 🤝 Karl = avoiding the truth like the plague, ignoring an injury, hints of an ED, crowded place (the mall)

I swear it's not as bad as the triggers make it seem ;-;

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text


[ Third Person POV ]

After Puffy had put the magma cream over Ranboo's burnt cheeks and chin, she left the room to let him change into something else since he had gotten dirt all over his clothes.

Ranboo looked in his closet for something to wear. He only had a few shirts left, so he made do with a white t-shirt with a yellow line-art crown on it, and light grey ripped jeans which he was pretty sure he didn't buy pre-ripped. He looked for his best shoes or the least pair that looked like they were chewed out by a dog. They were his black and white converse, which honestly he shouldn't have bought in his mind since they were expensive.

He finished tying the laces and noticed the shake in his hands. They still felt tingly to him and touching things felt wrong. He just didn't like the feeling.

Ranboo flexed his hands a bit, cringing at how many imaginary pins he felt. He shook his head and looked in the mirror. The magma cream was cool on the Ender hybrid's face as it slowly healed his chin. It wouldn't get rid of everything though. It would still leave a scar.

"Ranboo, you ready? You have to get moving if you want to beat the lunch rush happening in 15 minutes." Puffy called from outside the room.

"Oh, alright!" Ranboo called back and opened the door.

Puffy examined him up and down, staring a bit at the jeans, "Those holes weren't there when you bought those, right...?"

"I should really get going, Miss Puffy. You said the rush hour was in 15, yes?" Ranboo nervously smiled and pushed past her.

"Wait just a second, young man!" Puffy reached up to put a hand on Ranboo's shoulder, making him instantly freeze up.

"Um... yes?" Ranboo glanced back at Puffy, anxiously.

"Just be careful, Ranboo. You have my number, if something happens, just text or call me, and I'll come running." Puffy said, releasing his shoulder since she noticed how tense he got.

"Okay... thank you, Miss Puffy." Ranboo nodded.

"Just call me Puffy, kiddo." She smiled.

The Ender hybrid gave a small smile back and walked down to the front door. On his way down though, he noticed something.

His ankle was hurting.

Huh, how has he been repressing the sharp pain in his ankle of all places for this long?

Ranboo shrugged it off. He hasn't fallen over yet, so it must not be that important of an injury.


After about 10 minutes of walking and refreshing his memory of the Las Nevadas district, he finally found the cafe. Immediately he saw familiar faces outside sitting at one of the tables with an umbrella for shade. He took note of Karl's distressed face as his face lay in his hands and Eret's frown as he walked up to the table.

"Uhm... sorry, I'm late, guys." The moment the enderboy spoke, Karl's face flew up from being in his hands to Ranboo.

"Ranboo! I thought you forgot about us!" Karl exclaimed as he leaped from the table to Ranboo's arms, making him tense.

"I feel like I would never forget you guys, even though I have memory problems." Ranboo slowly hugged Karl, taking note of what he was wearing.

Karl had on a purple-knit sweater and blue jeans with purple converse with yellow tiny stars on them. The jeans and converse were fine, but the sweater...

"Karl, why are you wearing a sweater when it gets above 80 degrees in this district?" Ranboo tilted his head.(As in Fahrenheit)

"I get cold easily...?" Karl answered, pulling away from him.

Ranboo frowned. As someone who was hiding nearly everything in their life, Ranboo knew Karl was hiding something. But he figured it was for a good reason, just like he was doing.


"Should we get something to eat before going to the mall?" Eret spoke up, spooking the both of them with his deeper voice.

"Oooh yes!" Karl jumped back to his seat, "I heard they added boba tea options to the menu!"

Ranboo took the other seat as well as a menu, "The only other time I've been here is to help Charlie find Quackity. I've never seen their menu..."

"They have a lot of options, even options for Vegans and Vegetarians," Karl said.

"I'm not either of those..." Ranboo muttered, glancing at the menu.

"Let's look at the drinks before ordering food, you two." Eret smiled and turned her menu over to the drinks.

"Oh, right! Where's the boba tea?" Karl muttered and scanned the menu.

"I've never tried boba tea," Ranboo mentioned, looking at his menu.

The other two were quiet and Ranboo heard something fall against the table, making the black-and-white hybrid look up to see Karl gaping at him, the menu out of his hands.

"Um... did I say something wrong?" Ranboo tilted his head.

"No, it's just-" Eret got cut off.

"How have you lived this long without boba tea!?" Karl exclaimed, then picked up his menu, "C'mon, we're ordering some boba tea for all of us."

"You can't just order for us without asking if we want it, Karl." Eret frowned.

"I don't mind." Ranboo said, waving his hand, "It's good to try something new."

"If you say so, but you still can't order for me, Karl." Eret crossed their arms.

"Fine, just me and Ranboo then. Now, which flavor do you want cause they managed to fit 50 on this page."

Ranboo's eyes widened, "wh-what...?"

"For the boba tea..." Eret shook her head.

"I guess..." Ranboo lowered his head and began to read the boba tea flavors.


They finally ordered their food and drinks and were halfway done with them. Well, Eret was done with her food but was watching Karl and Ranboo slowly eat and pick at theirs.

"Um... you know what, I think I'm done with lunch," Karl spoke up, looking at his almost half-eaten sandwich.

"Oh yeah, me too," Ranboo spoke up, a little too enthusiastic for Eret's liking. He narrowed his eyes at both of the plates, deciding that at least they tried.

"Alright, I'll pay then." Eret stood up from the table to go pay. Ranboo decided not to stop them since it was their decision.

"Did you like the boba?" Karl asked, sipping some of his strawberry boba tea.

"Oh yeah, it's better than I expected," Ranboo said, playing with the straw of his lychee boba tea.

"The pearls even make a weird sound if blown through a straw! Wanna see?" Karl grabbed his phone and typed something. He went to Ranboo's side, "Watch, watch, watch!"

The video seemed normal. There was a guy holding a straw and a guy walking around holding a phone, the first guy called out to the second, but then there were multiple popping noises and the pearls were stuck to the second guy's shirt.

Karl laughed, holding a hand to his mouth. Ranboo smiled and chuckled a bit.

He didn't laugh at the video, but Karl's laugh was contagious to him.

"Oh dear, did Karl show you the tapioca pearl video?" Eret asked once he got back to the table.

"How'd you know?" Ranboo gave her the answer as well as a question.

"First, we bought boba tea, and second, the only time he gets this giggly after getting boba tea is if he watches that video." Eret shook his head at his friend, but there was a fondness in their voice as they spoke, "Anyway, let's get to the mall."

"Yeah! I need more accessories!" Karl shook himself out of his giggle state and sipped the rest of his boba.

"Alright." Ranboo stood and drank the rest of his tea as well. He didn't know what he was going to get at the mall, but he could always just look around for things that seemed his style.

And with that, they were off to the mall.


Maybe Ranboo should've got Puffy to come along with him. After all, Karl did need to talk to her about the memory quadro, right?

'Too many people... too many eyes that could potentially stare at you...'Ranboo took a deep breath,'As Puffy taught you when you first transferred to Esempii, if you feel nervous or anxious, take a deep breath, and do the 5 senses in case of emergencies.'

"You okay, Ranboo? You're shaking a bit." Eret spoke.

"Y-Yeah, I'm fine... it's just the crowd I worry about..." Ranboo muttered.

"There's no need to worry! Even with a crowd, we'll make this the best day ever! Right, Eret?" Karl clapped his hands, looking over at his friend.

"Right, we'll be by your side, Ranboo." Eret smiled.

"Now let's go, I wanna look at the shoes first." Karl grinned, hovering a hand over Ranboo's arm, "Can I hold onto your arm? Just so we don't get separated."

Eret laughed, "He's literally over 7 feet tall, Karl. I think you just want physical touch."

"Is it so wrong to want that from a friend and not Sapnap!?" Karl glared.

"What's so different about Sapnap? I thought he was only a friend." Eret smirked.

"Sh-Shut up!" Karl blushed and grabbed Ranboo's arm anyway, being as gentle as he could while still being slightly ticked off by Eret's comment, "Let's go buy shoes already!"

"If you say so..." Eret shrugged, then whispered to Ranboo, "I would say someone has a crush."

Ranboo only smiled, finding the friends' antics amusing.


More of the mall is next chapter! Hope you enjoy this story so far, I have many things in store for it :)

Chapter 14: ※"They're so beautiful..."※


TWs: Nothing too concerning to point out for now :)

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

Still Saturday

[ Third Person POV ]

After a few minutes, Ranboo found himself being dragged to a store called Eclipse. The shop itself looked like an eclipse in real life, but the accessories had colors. It looked like it sold accessories such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and hats. As well as makeup.

"All right, Ranboo, this is Eclipse! This is where Eret gets most of their accessories." Karl pointed out the ring section, "and where I get most of my rings from."

"They have quite the selection, and the owner knows us quite well." Eret continued, "I have enough money for all of us if you want anything."

Ranboo paused at that and quickly shook his head, "Oh, no no, I have money."

Eret frowns in concern, "Okay, but just know that I'm fine with paying."

Karl suddenly gasps and clutches onto the nearest thing, the thing being Ranboo's arm, "Guys, guys! Rings are on sale!"

Eret chuckled, "Chill out, Karl. We have all day to look around."

"I know, but rings...!" Karl dragged on, pulling on Ranboo's arm.

"We can look at the rings first, I don't mind." Ranboo smiled.

"Let's go!" Karl threw his arms up and ran to the rings, Ranboo and Eret hurriedly following after.

As Karl was looking through the rings section, Eret glanced at Ranboo.

"What kind of accessory do you normally wear?" Eret asked.

"I don't really wear any," Ranboo answered, fidgeting his hands.

"Do you want any accessories?" Eret quirked an eyebrow.

"Maybe..." Ranboo trailed off, glancing around the store, his eyes stopping on something gold.


He vaguely remembers seeing Technoblade wearing gold accessories and finding it pretty.

The only question is, would it look pretty on him as well?

"Ranboo? You okay?" Eret spoke up, shaking Ranboo out of his daze.

"Huh? Yeah, I'm fine..." Ranboo looked back at Eret.

"Do you have your ears pierced?" Eret questioned.

Ranboo nodded a bit, "Mhm..."

"Why don't we browse through the earrings then? Karl will probably end up buying all of the rings in the end if he doesn't make a decision soon." Eret smirked.

Ranboo smiled a bit, "Yeah, let's go."

Eret and Ranboo walked over to the earrings section, which was conveniently next to the rings section.

"What color do you prefer? Silver or gold?" Eret pulled his sunglasses down to see the earrings better.

"Gold," Ranboo replied with no hesitation.

"Technoblade would be proud," Eret smirked.

Ranboo flushed since he was reminded of Technoblade when he saw the golden earrings.

But what were the earrings he saw?

Then he saw it.

It was a gold chain cuff earring with some type of crystal to make the design look like a nether star.

Ranboo picked it up from the shelf and glanced at the price.

'10 dollars...'Ranboo thought for a second,'It's worth it.'

Ranboo also decided to get another gold chain cuff earring with dangling stars. It reminded him of something, but he couldn't figure out what.

He watched as Eret got silver chain cuff earrings with butterflies and dangling redtop mushroom earrings. Ranboo raised an eyebrow at that.

Eret laughed at Ranboo's expression, "The mushrooms aren't for me, it's for George. He's too lazy to buy his own clothes sometimes."

Ranboo noticed a bit of distress in his tone, "Oh..."

Eret cleared her throat, "Anyway, Karl should be done choosing by now, come on."

She walked off quickly, leaving Ranboo to think for a moment.

'They sounded upset...'Ranboo looked down,'Maybe I'm not the only one holding secrets.'


"All of them were so cool! But I decided that today I'll limit myself to buying only 6 things from each store we stumble upon." Karl nodded at himself in approval as the trio walked to the next store.

"Like that's going to last longer than a minute..." Eret muttered to Ranboo, making him laugh a bit.

"It will, Eret! Just watch!" Karl yelled, making some people near them turn towards the trio. Ranboo shuffled behind Eret, hating the attention.

"Karl, we're inside a building... please don't yell." Eret nearly facepalmed but realized she had sunglasses on.

"Oh, right..." Karl stepped in tow with his friends, then his eyes lit up, "Hey, there's the clothing store, let's go!"

Without any responses, Karl ran off to the clothing store that had cyan LEDs around the windows. Ranboo noticed the store was named Borealis, making him intrigued.

"Remember, Karl, 6 items! No more." Eret crossed his arms as Karl ran off to the colorful sweaters and hoodies.

"I got it, Eret!" Karl gave a thumbs up, turning towards a frog hoodie.

Eret turned to Ranboo, "What do you need more of, Ranboo?"

"Um... everything, I suppose." Ranboo shrugged, fiddling with the small black shopping bag he had in his hand for his earrings.

"You suppose...?" Eret quirked an eyebrow, frowning a bit. Ranboo only glanced at them. Eret shrugged it off for the moment, "Okay, let's see shirts first."

As they were looking through shirts, Ranboo noticed something else a few feet away from him.

Hawaiian shirts.

Ranboo immediately discarded the shirt rack he was looking through with Eret and went over to the floral art exhibit but to anyone else, it was probably the floral atrocity.

"Uh Ranboo, what are you doing?" Eret watched as Ranboo dug through the shirt rack.

"They're so beautiful..." Ranboo sniffled, making Eret laugh.

"You have an interesting taste in fashion, but I won't judge when I've seen worse."

"I want all of them..." Ranboo muttered.

"You're not getting them all, you can only have 2." Eret crossed her arms.

Ranboo sighed, "Fine..."

After getting a pink floral shirt and orange floral shirt with corgis on it, they decided to go back to shirts, since Ranboo wore Hawaiian shirts as if they were jackets.

Ranboo decided to get 4 shirts that had some type of design or logo on them. Then Ranboo got 4 pairs of pants, none with holes since Puffy seemed concerned when she saw the state of the pants he was wearing.

Then Ranboo decided to get a black sweater with a white horizontal stripe and a pink hoodie with alliums on the back.

He noticed Eret was looking at him when he took the hoodie, "Uh- comfort hoodie."

"Right..." Eret nodded a bit, then looked back at Karl, who looked to be on the edge of a mental breakdown, "Knew he couldn't last... I'll be right back. You go ahead and pay if you're ready."

Ranboo decided he was ready and walked to the cashier, placing everything down on the table.

"Hello! Hope you found everything okay." Said a demon hybrid. Ranboo noticed the tag pinned on her shirt with her name and pronouns.

"Oh uh yeah..." Ranboo nodded and took out his money, slowly counting it.

'Only 85... I'm gonna need more money.'Ranboo glanced over at Eret calming Karl down,'I can't just use them, but they also offered...'

"That'll be 145." The cashier said.

'Knew it...'Ranboo sighed and handed her the rest of his money.

"Hm? This is only 85, sir." She spoke, looking up dangerously close to his eyes.

"I can cover it." A hand patted Ranboo's arm as he realized Eret was done conversing with Karl.

"Oh, Eret! Didn't realize you'd be here." Ranboo could practically see hearts in her eyes.

"Me either, but here we are." Eret glanced at Ranboo, "Anyway, meet Ranboo, one of my friends."

"Uh-huh, that's great. But why are you here? There's no shoe sale today." She said.

'Ouch...'Ranboo doubt she meant it that way, but it still hurt his feelings. He also noticed that Eret didn't seem to like her back.

"I know, but my friend, Karl, wanted to come here with Ranboo to show him around." Eret handed a few twenties to the demon hybrid.

"My shift ends in a few minutes, how about I join-"

As soon as she said that, Eret picked up every bag, handing a few to Ranboo, "Nope! That'll be all, Kayla!"

Eret left in a hurry out of the store, Ranboo following after, and Karl was stuck behind to pay for his stuff and was left with a confused demon hybrid.


"You realize she liked you, right?" Ranboo asked as he and Eret were sitting on a bench nearby the store to wait for Karl.

"Yep," Eret replied, "I just don't like her. She's too... pressing."

"Understandable." Ranboo nodded.

"But, I will admit... I do have my eyes set on someone at the moment."

"Really? What's their name?"


"Guys! Why'd you leave me behind!?" Exclaimed a voice.

Eret huffed, "We can't get a breather, can we?"

"I guess not." Ranboo shrugged and smiled.


Honestly, I don't think this chapter is good since it has no texting, but it's like an actual story rather than being just a chatfic.

I've been having a rough few weeks, but hopefully, it'll get better.

Chapter 15: ※"Ice Cream."※


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TWs: Self-deprecating Ranboo (literally every chapter at this point), intrusive thoughts, Hinted ED

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Chapter Text

Still Saturday, after leaving the mall

[ Third Person POV ]

"As I said before Karl, you can't handle the pressure of only choosing 6 items," Eret smirked.

"I know, I know! You don't have to go all sibling on me because I got 15 instead." Karl rolled his eyes and huffed.

"Oh trust me, I got George to do that when you get home."

"He's gonna be so mad I spent all my money again..." Karl hunched over, whining as he walked.

As they were talking, Ranboo spotted something that looked interesting.

'Ice cream for half price...?'Ranboo thought. He looked at the nearby street clock. It would ruin his dinner, but it's not like he'll get anything.

"Ice cream," Ranboo said, staring at the sign.

"Ooooh, where!?" Karl exclaimed, straightening up immediately.

"Sign right there." Ranboo pointed.

Karl gasped, "Half price!? Eret, can we go- can we, can we!?"

Eret sighed, "Fine, but this is it. We have to get Ranboo back before curfew."

Ranboo's eyes widened, "How'd you find out about the curfew?"

"I have my ways." Eret says, "Let's go, guys."

They followed the sign to the ice cream parlor around the corner. Once they stepped inside, it felt cooler.

Karl sighed, "Finally... it was so hot out there."

"Maybe because you're wearing a sweater." Ranboo pointed out.

"Do Endermen sweat?" Eret asked.

"I think we would literally melt, so no," Ranboo looked over the menu.

"Imagine melting. Can't relate." Karl spoke, looking around for a table they could sit at.

"Bruh..." Ranboo huffed.

"Karl, we're next, hurry and find a table." Eret looked over at Karl who was looking at the booths, trying to find the comfiest one.

Then he found it. The comfiest booth in the parlor.

He placed his shopping bags down on the seats, claiming the booth as the trios.

"Don't worry, Eret. I always find the best seats." Karl crossed his arms while walking over, looking proud of himself.

Eret laughed, "Right..."

It finally came time for them to order their ice cream. Eret got strawberry cheesecake, Karl got chocolate chip cookie dough, and Ranboo got cookies n' cream; which Karl giggled at.

"I mean cookies n' cream suits you, dude," Karl said.

"What does that even mean...?" Ranboo muttered.

"Just eat your ice cream, guys..." Eret was done with everything at this point.

"I'm gonna see how the group chat's doing!" Karl smiled and got his phone out, "I wonder if they miss us."

"They probably haven't noticed we're missing, there's literally over a dozen in the chat," Eret said.

"Tubbo misses Ranboo." Karl giggled a bit, reading the messages.

"Who...?" Ranboo tilts his head a bit, feeling bad for forgetting who that was.

"The one with the bee username. He's also a ram hybrid and my adoptive brother." Eret smiled.

"I'm pretty sure he sits in front of me in Philza's class." Ranboo vaguely remembers a hybrid wearing something with bee decor all the time. Whether it was on their shirt, pants, shoes, or even head accessories.

"Well, he says he misses you." Karl shrugged.

"I don't think I met him?" Ranboo took his phone out, going to the group chat.


[ Chaos Incarnate ]

1:30 pm

Teakettle: I haven't spoken to karl or eret at all today, anyone know where they are???

Jeb_: They went to the mall with Ranboo today, remember? They spoke about it here.

Teakettle: everything here gets buried by tommy's nonsense, not my fault I didn't see it.


Kid Collector: Tommy's phone privileges have been taken away for today :)

Liek a da bee: awww :(

4:30 pm

Liek a da bee: I miss ranboo :(

Man me a sand: you barely know him???

Kid Collector: I haven't seen you two together AT ALL

Liek a da bee: I know
Liek a da bee: I miss him tho :(
Liek a da bee: and his questionable fashion sense

Teakettle: how do you know what he looks like?

Liek a da bee: he sits behind me in phil's class
Liek a da bee: he has unforgetable eyes
Liek a da bee: they're quite nice

Epoch: awwwww :pleading face:

Enderboy: honestly that's a striking difference from the other comments I usually get about my eyes
Enderboy: so thank you :)

Liek a da bee: uh sh*t
Liek a da bee: didn't realize you'd be back so soon
Liek a da bee: your welcome tho :)

BI-Con: We're just at an ice cream parlor

Liek a da bee: WITHOTU ME!?!?!?

BI-Con: You have enough junk food at home, Tubbo

Liek a da bee: cri ;(

Epoch: we have to move out boys
Epoch: operation ice cream has been completed
Epoch: we'll be back soon
Epoch: over and out

BI-Con: over and out
Enderboy: over and out

Man me a sand: Im in a group chat with literal dorks...

Kid Collector: Let them have their fun, Wil
Kid Collector: Even if that was very cringe

[ Third Person POV ]

Karl laughed, putting his phone away.

"Alright, alright, we should get going now." Eret stood up, making sure to grab his bags.

The trio left the ice cream parlor with their bags in arms. Karl skipped along the sidewalk, making sure not to bump into anything or anyone.

"So, Ranboo." Eret started, looking over at his tall friend, "I remember you saying that books that aren't school-related aren't allowed at the orphanage."

Ranboo nodded, going along with what past him said.

"Well, why don't I- master of creating anything as long as I have the right tools- create a book that looks like an ordinary school book on the outside, but on the inside..."

"It's actually a journal...?" Ranboo's eyes lit up a bit.

"Yes! As long as no one looks in it, then the plan is perfect!" Eret cheered.

Ranboo smiled, no one got close to him or his room since they were too scared or hated him too much to not bother going in, thinking he has nothing to hide.

"Yo, that would be so cool! And then once you're out of that prison, we'll switch the cover with one more your style!" Karl flapped his hands.

Ranboo almost stopped at that, thinking to himself.


If he ever does get out of that prison.

He shook off the thoughts, continuing to smile, even if it looked a bit more forced than he intended it.

He didn't want to bring his new friends down with his thoughts.

So he kept walking, occasionally talking to his friends about who knows what up until they saw the orphanage in the distance.

They stopped at the steps.

"Next time we should hang out at Eret's place. It's huge!" Karl said.

Eret laughed, "We'll see, Karl. Last time, you threw Quackity in the pool."

"He deserved it for flirting with my mans." Karl huffed.

"And you say you don't like Sapnap," Eret smirked.

"I don't!" Karl blushed.

Eret and Ranboo looked at each other.

"Well, we'll text you later, Ranboo." Eret patted his arm.

Karl, not wanting to end the hang out so soon, jumped up a bit, "Group hug!"

He launched himself forward, careful not to hit the other two with the bags.

"Karl! This is so much harder to do with bags..." Eret sighed as he reciprocated.

Ranboo stood in shock, but slowly wrapped his arms around them, cautiously.

The hug lasted for a few seconds, but to Ranboo it was the best few seconds ever. He's never hugged anyone so affectionately before. He doesn't even remember the last time he's hugged anyone. He didn't remember hugs feeling so nice and warm, only feeling cold and empty.

But maybe he's asking for too much from them. Maybe he's become greedy for attention. No one would like him if he became hungry for attention, let alone affection or love.

No one would like you if you were touch-starved...

Ranboo suppressed a shiver as he shook away the thought and waved goodbye to his friends, walking up the steps of the orphanage. He took note of the time.

5:15 pm.He made it before curfew.

He smiled and went up to his room, putting his new clothes away.

He heard a knock on the door, Ranboo looked towards it, arching an eyebrow.

"Come in," Ranboo called.

The door opened, revealing Puffy. The ender hybrid nearly sighed in relief, thinking it was someone else.

"I see you're back! How'd it go?" She asked, looking over at a few things he bought.

"It went really well! They made sure I was comfortable the entire time." He answered.

"Of course! You're their friend." Puffy folded a few shirts and pants, her parental instincts kicking in.

"Well- um, thank you," Ranboo said.

"For what?" Puffy asked.

"For helping me." Ranboo fidgeted with his fingers, then looked at the folded items, "and folding my clothes."

"Oh, sorry, didn't realize I was doing that!" Puffy put the last shirt down and looked as close as she could to Ranboo's eyes, "And no problem, it's literally my job to help others."

Ranboo nodded a bit, then started organizing his clothes. As Puffy was criticizing him in the background because she's a mother of two and they are horrible at doing laundry.

Direct Messages

[ Eret - Puffy ]

Eret: Thanks for telling me about curfew :)

Puffy: No problem! The people working here seem harsh, so I don't want him to get in trouble.

Eret: Please take care of him for us
Eret: I have a feeling he's not telling us something...

Puffy: Didn't you tell me something similar with Karl?

Eret: YES
Eret: I know they're both hiding something
Eret: Ranboo acts similarly to Karl when they talk about food.
Eret: They both try to AVOID it
Eret: And they've barely eaten anything today!

Puffy: How much?

Eret: Karl ate like 3 bites and Ranboo barely ate half.

Puffy: I can try talking to them... but I can't guarantee responses or the full truth

Eret: Thank you, Miss Puffy

Puffy: You can call me Puffy when we're not in school

Eret: Right, I forgot.

Puffy: This 'Memory Trio' thing is becoming a trend with y'all...

Eret: Blame Karl...


Hopefully, I get to relax more on this vacation; that's usually when my inspiration kicks in for some reason...

Anyway, how are you guys? Hope you drank some water and ate something- I had sparkling water (with ~flavor~) and pizza :)
Now Imma sleep for 10 hours and wake up still tired-

Chapter 16: ※"Blind much?"※


TWs: Self-deprecation, ignoring pain, facial dysmorphia, mentioned scratch marks (not s/h), repressing hybrid traits, Ranboo misunderstands Tommy's thoughts on him a lot

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text



[ Chaos Incarnate ]

POGCHAMP: phil I want a pony for christmas

Kid Collector: wtf
Kid Collector: It's the middle of Spring, gremlin child

POGCHAMP: it is?

Orphan Obliterator: Wow
Orphan Obliterator: Blind much?
Orphan Obliterator: Need a calendar?


Orphan Obliterator: Is it on December?

POGCHAMP: there's a 1/12 chance

Orphan Obliterator: So it is on December.
Orphan Obliterator: You act smart whenever you're lying.


Orphan Obliterator: Says the person who's misspelling and capitalizing everything.

POGCHAMP: If anything
POGCHAMP: blame wilbur

Kid Collector: Here we go...

Man me a sand: ME????
Man me a sand: ME TOMMY????
Man me a sand: You're blaming ME for YOUR incompetence????

POGCHAMP: I don't even know what that means

Enderboy: Incompetence/inˈkämpədəns/ noun - Inability to do something successfully.

POGCHAMP: What are you
POGCHAMP: a dictionary?

Enderboy: no?
Enderboy: After being told I'm incompetent a lot, I decided to look it up.

POGCHAMP: it was a joke boob boy

Enderboy: ah
Enderboy: anyway I think breakfast is ready
Enderboy: goodbye

Man me a sand: never in my life would I think I would be concerned for a child who wasn't Tommy...


Liek a da bee: chiold
Liek a da bee: bictch

POGCHAMP: f*ck you tubbo /nsrs

Liek a da bee: :)

[ Third Person POV ]

Ranboo sighed in relief,'it's a good thing they don't question anything...'

The ender hybrid stood from his small bed, almost falling as he put weight on his left foot. He winced but shook it off, going to grab his shoes. Once he picked them up and stood, he stopped in front of the mirror.

Time and time again, he thought to put a sheet over the mirror since if he was an ender hybrid, doesn't that mean he can't look into his own eyes?

But for some reason, he felt nothing.

He felt absolutely nothing as he stared slightly above where his eyes were.

He didn't even recognize himself.

His hair was all over the place, there were leftover tear scars on his cheeks from who knows how long ago that he couldn't get rid of now, his horns jutted out of his head and poked through his fluffy hair, but it all looked wrong to him.

His teeth were sharper than he thought, two of them being longer in the front, almost like fangs.

And his eyes...

Something ironic about Ranboo is that he always looks at someone's eyes at first glance, just to see the colors.

Yet he can't bring himself to do such a simple task here.

Maybe he's being dramatic.

Yeah, that's it. It's been forever since he looked in a mirror and this has never happened before.

At least... he doesn't remember this happening before.

Of course, he doesn't remember the last time he's look in a mirror, he can barely remember yesterday!

Actually, that wasn't true... he remembered a lot of stuff from yesterday. Even the tiny jokes Karl and Eret made.

That surprised him.

Why was this happening?

Howwas this happening?

He wasn't supposed to remember more than 30 minutes worth of a day, yet he can probably ramble on and on about how yesterday went.

Ranboo leaned against his dresser for a moment, head tilted down to look at the surface. He traced his finger along what seemed to be scratch marks.

He would be concerned about it but for some reason, he wasn't. He's found various scratch marks in other places as well that just didn't seem to bother him.

Ranboo let his mind wander. His memory wasn't the best, a lot of people tell him and mention it every day.

Even if it wasn't the best, he still tries his hardest to remember things. Such as birthdays or others' likes and dislikes.

He tries.

That's what matters in the end, right?

"Maybe trying isn't enough..." Ranboo muttered through a foggy haze, blinking away the tears before they fell.

He wouldn't cry, not now.

Ranboo shook away any leftover thoughts and put on his shoes, walking out of his room and downstairs, seeing Puffy sweeping the floor near the reception area.

He smiled, knowing that he was safe from the other kids and adults. He walked over, noticing that Puffy was sweeping a broken plate.

"Something happen, Puffy?" Ranboo questioned, trying not to say 'miss' before her name.

Puffy turned towards Ranboo, "Someone decided it'd be a fun idea to throw a plate."

"What!?" Ranboo's eyes widened, "Did someone get hurt?"

"Oh, no, no, no! It wasn't thrown across the room, thankfully. They just threw it straight down." Puffy explained.

Ranboo sighed in relief, "Thank Prime..."

Puffy hummed, then smiled, "You going somewhere?"

"Hm? O-Oh, uh... yeah, just for a walk. Clear my head, y'know?" Ranboo fidgeted.

"Well, alright, kiddo. Be careful and stay out of trouble." Puffy said.

"I will, Puffy!" Ranboo gave a small smile and headed out the door.

Once Ranboo was outside, he immediately ran to the end of the street, not wanting to be within proximity of the orphanage.

He got his phone out, looking for any new text messages, and did not find any. He sighed and continued walking.


Ranboo's mind wandered throughout his walk and he noticed he was in a familiar neighborhood.

'Isn't this Tommy's neighborhood?'He thought.

His thought process was soon cut off by someone slamming into his back, nearly knocking him over. Ranboo let out an enderman yelp and quickly covered his mouth once he balanced himself.

"Ow! Sorry about that, man. I'm in a hurry, excuse me!" Said a voice. Ranboo looked down and noticed a hybrid who was short.


And he looked to be a diamond golem hybrid with a tan complexion and blue clothes, which would've covered his diamond parts if not for the diamond parts on his face.

"It's alr-." Ranboo couldn't finish before the diamond golem hybrid zipped past him, ducking into an alleyway, which the ender hybrid would've found suspicious... but hey, if the guy wants to get shanked in an alleyway, that's not on Ranboo.

Ranboo got out his phone again, locating his and Tommy's texts from last time, which was the time when Tommy gave Ranboo his address.

'If only he didn't hate me...'Ranboo thought wistfully,'maybe I did something wrong...?'

Ranboo shook off the growing feeling of anxiety and nervousness. Originally, Ranboo labeled the feelings as what he feared most in one of Puffy's therapy sessions, not being able to escape them or even fully get rid of the feelings; they just stay there, lingering until he overthinks something again.

He looked at the address, and then one of the houses on the street across from him, realizing he was close to Tommy's.

"Huh... I guess my autopilot took me here." Ranboo joked. Whenever he thinks deeply about something when walking, he goes to places that seem familiar to him, so he created his own inside joke about it and called it 'autopilot' or 'enderwalk'. But he doesn't talk about enderwalk...

And yes, he created his own inside joke that no one else will get.

'I'mtotally notlonely...'Ranboo groaned, walking across the street once he could.

He finally found Tommy's house after a few minutes. He noticed that the flowers have recently been watered, some of them more in bloom than the others.

He slowly walked up the steps of the porch and debated ringing the doorbell.

On one hand, he didn't ask or text anyone that he could come over.

On the other hand, He did have a science project with Tommy to finish before Wednesday...

That's when the door opened, making Ranboo startle and squeak out an enderman noise. He quickly covered his mouth.

Prime, he needed to stop doing that. People will think he's weird or a freak.

Then he looked at the person in the doorway, making Ranboo's eyes widen.

"Uh... hallo." Technoblade said, "I'll just save you the embarrassment of pushing theannoyinglyloud doorbell and instead let you inside."

Ranboo slowly nodded, hands still covering his mouth.

"You can... y'know, put your hands down now." Techno motioned with his hand.

Ranboo dropped his hands by his side, "kay..."

Technoblade glanced around, then his eyes struck with realization, "Oh, uh... you can come in now."

Techno stood aside, letting the ender hybrid inside, "Th-Thank you..."

Techno hummed from behind him, closing the door.

Ranboo didn't notice that Techno was mentally face-palming himself for being so awkward.

'Oh my Prime, why's this so much harder than last time?'Techno huffed.

Then Ranboo turned towards the piglin hybrid, making him straighten up and show the same indifferent face.

"How'd you know I was here?" Ranboo asked.

"I was reading in the living area when I saw you through the window. Then after like 5 minutes, you didn't ring the doorbell or knock, so I just decided to open it for you." Techno explained, "Anyway, let's go to the living area now."

Technoblade walked to the living area with Ranboo slowly following.

'At least I'm not being bombarded by Tommy...'Ranboo thought.


Hi :)
I've had loads of free time lately, yet my writer's block says no<3
Hope you liked this chapter, I wrote over half of it in one sitting T-T

Chapter 17: ※"You'll still be my friend?"※


TWs: Ranboo joking about his living space, Ranboo still hiding his injured ankle, Puffy thinking she's not a good enough therapist for Ranboo

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text



[ Chaos Incarnate ]

POGCHAMP: the f*ck
POGCHAMP: why is boob boy in our living room dadza

Kid Collector: You think I know Tommy?
Kid Collector: I'm usually the first one to the door when someone's by it

Man me a sand: that's because you can see everywhere with your crows
Man me a sand: which is freaky
Man me a sand: imagine looking through the eyes of a thousand birds...
Man me a sand: can't be me

Kid Collector: Technically I have over 20 thousand crows

Man me a sand: wha
Man me a sand: but there are like a thousand in our neighborhood
Man me a sand: where are the others????

Kid Collector: Away
Kid Collector: ;)

Man me a sand: don't f*cking wink at me after saying such cryptic sh*t
Man me a sand: you did the exact same thing to Jared and I never saw him again

Kid Collector: good
Baker with knife: good
Valid Furry: good

Man me a sand: REALLY FUNDY
Man me a sand: YOU TOO

Valid Furry: what?
Valid Furry: I didn't like the guy

POGCHAMP: guys, as much as I love to make fun of wilbur for his poor choices in men

Man me a sand: HEY

POGCHAMP: there's still a black and white slenderman sitting across from Technoblade in our living room

Baker with knife: across from Technoblade?

Kid Collector: Maybe he let Ranboo inside, Tom
Kid Collector: Just chill and leave them be

Man me a sand: wait
Man me a sand: how did you see them without them spotting you?
Man me a sand: the only hiding spots in there would be like hiding behind the entrance
Man me a sand: but even that's impossible given that Techno has enhanced eyesight

POGCHAMP: the closet that's across from the living room entrance in the hallway
POGCHAMP: I can see them perfectly with this angle

Man me a sand: so
Man me a sand: you're in the closet?

POGCHAMP: yes wilbur
POGCHAMP: can you not read

Man me a sand: is there something you wanna tell us, Tom?


Valid Furry: be who you are for your prideeeee
Baker with knife: be who you are for your prideeee💖
BI-Con: be who you are for your prideeeee🌈
Epoch: ✨be who you are for your pRiDeEeEe✨
Could Be Gayer: 🌈Be who you are for your prideeee~✨


Man me a sand: you still have time to figure yourself out, tom
Man me a sand: but no matter what
Man me a sand: you'll always be my baby brother

POGCHAMP: I'm going to kill you one day

Man me a sand: love you too

[ Third Person POV ]

After sitting on the recliner across from Techno, Ranboo glanced around the room. Unlike last time, he wasn't in a hurry, so he took his time looking at the pictures and who was in the photos.

He looked at the one that was on a small table next to where he sat. In the picture were two people, one of who Ranboo recognized as Philza; the other person a complete mystery, yet Ranboo saw some familiarity in her. Ranboo found her really pretty.

"That's my mother," Techno spoke up, making Ranboo jump and sit up to look at him.

"Oh- uh. She's really pretty..." Ranboo muttered.

"Oh, trust me, I know..." Techno sounded exasperated, "I hear enough compliments about her from dad."

"Where is she?" Ranboo asked.

"In the process of moving here." Techno shrugged from where his eyes were trained on his phone, "She lives in a... dangerous area, so we're getting her out."

"Huh..." Ranboo looked at the picture again.

"That photo was taken when I was like 12. That was the last time she visited." Techno sighed, his eyes showing a bit of fondness at his phone, "Tommy hasn't met her yet, but he's been planning on what to say to her ever since he heard about Phil's wife."

"How come Tommy hasn't met her? Aren't you guys brothers?" Ranboo tilted his head.

"Well, yes, but also no. Tommy and I were adopted. I just so happened to be adopted before mom's visit." Techno explained.

"Oh... that makes sense."

"Anyway, enough about my parents, what about yours?" Techno decided to put his phone away, putting all his attention on Ranboo, which the ender hybrid didn't like.

"Uh... if I have parents, then I can't remember!" Ranboo tried to put it in a joking way, but Technoblade only furrowed his eyebrows.

"Who do you live with if you don't have parents?"

"C-Caretakers...?" Ranboo fidgeted with his hands a bit.

"So you're a foster kid?" The piglin sighed.

"Yes..." Ranboo muttered, looking down at the dark oakwood floor.

"Honestly, with all the cryptic texts from Phil and sometimes Dream... I suspected something worse going on with you. That not being one of them. I could care less about you being a foster kid."

Ranboo perked up, "So you'll still be my friend?"

"Wha-" Techno stopped to think for a moment.

Dadza said you needed more friends...

He seemed to like books, and we need more members for our book club...

Techno sighed; for once, the voices had a good idea.

"Yes, kid. We're friends." Techno said in the same monotone voice that Ranboo couldn't tell if he was genuine or not. He decided to go with genuine just because he needed this little bit of hope if he was ever going to tell the others about him being in an orphanage.


It's not like he'll actually tell them with how much his anxiety forces him to stay quiet.

"Actually," Techno spoke up, forcing Ranboo out of his thoughts before they went deeper, which he was thankful for, "I have a proposition for you."

'What is this, a business meeting?'Ranboo thought, "What is it?"

Techno stood up for a moment, going over to what Ranboo assumed was his schoolbag. He rifled through its contents for a few seconds, then took something out. He walked back over to Ranboo and held something out to him.

A pamphlet.

"What's this?" Ranboo slowly took it, looking at the title carefully,'The Syndicate...?'

"Don't be deceived by its name, it's actually very welcoming." Technoblade shrugged.

Ranboo read further, opening the pamphlet up. It had information about it, saying it was just a book club that meets twice a week. The teacher that got it approved was Philza, and the 'president' of the club was Technoblade. There were actual quotation marks around the word president, making Ranboo wonder what else they called him instead.

"Why are you giving me this?" Ranboo asked.

"Isn't it obvious? I want you to join." Techno crossed his arms, "Obviously, you don't have to decide right now. You can think about it and let me know later."

"O-Okay..." Ranboo nodded a bit, folding the pamphlet up. Then he felt his phone buzz in his pocket. He got it out and looked at the messages.

Direct Messages

[ Puffy - Ranboo ]

Puffy: You didn't tell me you were going over to Phil's house :(

Ranboo: I didn't either until I realized I was in their neighborhood...

Puffy: I can come pick you up if you'd like

Ranboo: If you don't mind

Puffy: Of course, I don't mind!

Ranboo: Thank you, Puffy

Puffy: No problem, duckling

[ Third Person POV ]

Ranboo smiled. Puffy had called him duckling on multiple occasions before, but she calls other people that. Ranboo figured it was just her way of saying she'll always be there for you.

Techno watched Ranboo carefully from where he sat across from him, "Do you have a ride, kid? Or are you walking?"

Ranboo sat up, putting his phone away, "Miss Puffy is picking me up."

The piglin nodded, "So, what else do you like to do besides reading and coding?"

Ranboo thought for a moment, then shrugged, "I guess I used to play volleyball."

Techno found that surprising since Ranboo was a literal twig, and looked as if he could snap at any given time.

"Really?" Techno questioned.

"Yep. I don't play anymore since I pretty much move from orphanage to orphanage at this point, so what's the point in committing to the team if you're not likely gonna be committed to the game?" Ranboo sighed.

Once Ranboo finished, the voices were a riot.








Technoblade put a hand to his head, trying to calm the oncoming headache.

"Are you okay, Technoblade?" Ranboo asked quietly.

"I'm fine, just a headache..." Techno muttered, "And please, call me Techno."

"Ah, alright." Ranboo nodded.

Just then, Phil walked down the stairs, eyeing the front door.

"Um... what's he doing?" Ranboo whispered to Techno.

"Just wait," Techno replied.

It was quiet for a few seconds.

Ranboo wondered what Philza was waiting for.

That's when the doorbell rang, making Ranboo jump since it was quiet for what seemed like a long time, but was only a minute.

Phil opened the door and smiled, "Puffy! It's so good to see you!"

Ranboo perked up upon hearing Puffy's name.

"Phil! It's been so long since I came over here."

Phil let her inside, then closed the door before any of his pesky crows could get in.

"I know it has, but the last time our children played together, they nearly killed Tommy." Phil sighed.

"Yeah... sorry about that." Puffy rubbed the back of her neck.

"Anyway, what are you here for?" Phil asked.

"I'm here to pick up Ranboo." Puffy smiled and looked towards where Ranboo was. The ender hybrid waved a bit.

"Alright, come on, mate." Phil gestured to Ranboo, "You can visit anytime you'd like."

Ranboo nodded and stood up, Techno not missing the small limp he had. He wouldn't be surprised if somebody at the orphanage caused it.

"Thank you for taking care of him!" Puffy said.

"You should thank Techno; he was down here the entire time." Phil chuckled, clearly noticing the pamphlet that was clutched in the freshman's hands.

Ranboo couldn't hear it, but Techno muttered about something being ruined. Philza and Puffy clearly heard it and laughed.

Ranboo was as clueless as ever.

"Anyway, we should get going. Thank you again, Phil and Techno." Puffy smiled. Ranboo just nodded in silent agreement.

"You're welcome!" Philza waved goodbye as they walked out the door.

Puffy felt her phone vibrate with a notification. She looked at Ranboo, "You go-ahead to the car, I'll be there shortly."

"Okay." Ranboo walked to the car as Puffy reached for her phone.

Direct Messages

[ Technoblade - Puffy ]

Technoblade: I saw Ranboo limping, you might want to check his legs for any injuries.

Puffy: Alright, thank you

Technoblade: Np

[ Third Person POV ]

Puffy swallowed down her concern and headed for the car. It wasn't uncommon for Ranboo to hide stuff; she just wished she noticed sooner.

As she got into the car, she noticed Ranboo looking at a pamphlet. It didn't look familiar, but she also didn't find anything dangerous about it.

She sighed and started the car. She's supposed to be a therapist. She's supposed to notice things faster than other people about her patients. She's usually good at doing her job, what's so different about this patient?

"Puffy?" Ranboo spoke up as Puffy stopped at a sign.

"Yes, Ranboo?" Puffy glanced at him.

"I think I made a friend." Ranboo smiled, his excitement shivering through his body, making his tail wag.

Puffy gave him a small smile, "That's good."

Maybe she's going about this the wrong way. If she can somehow prove to Ranboo that he can trust everyone in the group chat, then he would feel safer and have a safe place to go to when he's stressed.

Yeah, everything will be okay.


I did this in one sitting—5 whole hours. I was scared if I stopped writing, I would lose motivation, so I wrote it in one sitting...
I hope you enjoy <3

Chapter 18: ※"You need to be home."※


I literally haven't felt this proud of a chapter in so long... hope you enjoy <3

TWs: Injured ankle, mentions past injuries, intrusive thoughts, hinted ED, mentions doctor, Ranboo overthinking again

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text


[ Third Person POV ]

Ranboo was scrolling on his phone for anything decent. He sighed, knowing that was too much to ask from Twitter.

His attention was then pulled away by a knock on his door. He glanced at the time, noting it was after dinner, and he still didn't eat anything. Not that he was complaining; he didn't feel hungry at the moment, yet his stomach said otherwise.

"Come in," Ranboo said. The door opened, revealing Puffy holding a wooden food tray, "Puffy?"

"Hello, Ranboo! I brought you some food since it seems the other adults didn't care enough to feed you."

"Oh, uh, thank you, Puffy." Ranboo put his phone on his bedside table as Puffy carefully set the tray in Ranboo's lap. Ranboo looked at the bowl, frowning a bit.

"Careful, it's hot." Puffy warned, then furrowed her eyebrows at Ranboo's face, looking concerned, "What is it?"

"This didn't come from the kitchen here, did it...?" Ranboo tilted his head, almost like a puppy would do.

"Nope, I made it at home, brought it here, and warmed it up in the microwave." Puffy explained, "Why?"

Ranboo averted his eyes from Puffy's soft blue gaze, opting to look at the soup instead. He suddenly felt uncomfortable, "I was just wondering s-since, y'know... no one checks up on me."

Ranboo thought that Puffy might leave or maybe scold him for being pathetic, but he quickly silenced those thoughts since this wasMiss Puffyhe was talking- er, thinking about. She helped him out on his first day of school, helped him when he was getting bullied, and then assigned herself as his school counselor for weekly sessions.

The ender hybrid heard a small sigh, "Duckling... you know I worry about you. Probably more than I should, seeing that I'm a school counselor... and all I can do right now ishelp. All I can do is help you get to where you need to be."

"Where I need to be...?" Ranboo mumbled, confusion covering his entire face.

The sheep hybrid nodded, smiling a little, "You need to be home."

Ranboo was only left even more confused.

"Anyway, Technoblade said something after we left." Puffy changed the subject, which Ranboo was thankful for. He didn't want to start overthinking again.

"Oh? What about...?" Ranboo fiddled with the spoon in his soup, trying to decide if he wanted to eat it or not.

"Techno won't admit it, but he does get concerned or worried when he sees someone hurt. And he'll only speak about it if he cares about said person, even a little." Puffy explained.

"Okay...?" Ranboo was puzzled. Where was his counselor going with this?

"And he happened to see you limp a little bit and got a bit concerned, so he texted me about it," Puffy said.

"Oh," Was all Ranboo said as he averted his eyes. For some reason, getting caught hiding somethingso small,in Ranboo's opinion,was embarrassing. It made him feel as if he could do better at hiding it. After all, he had done so in the past with previous... accidents.

"I'm not mad, I just want to check your ankles to make sure nothing's broken. But if one of them is, I'm taking you to the doctor-"

"But-!" Ranboo tried.

"No buts!" Puffy snapped lightly, "I'm taking you to the doctor, and you're staying here for as long as it takes your ankle to heal. I'll visit you every day to make sure you're getting food and drinks. Now, if you don't want me prodding at your ankles, which one hurts the most?"

Ranboo quietly grumbled, "The left..."

As Puffy pulled a chair over to the bed, Ranboo decided to finally eat the soup.

Or drink it, since it was 90% liquid.

"Tell me if this hurts," Puffy said as Ranboo brought a bit of the soup to his mouth.

Then he felt Puffy slowly move his foot, making his eyes widen as he suddenly let out an enderman screech and bit down, dropping his spoon and holding his mouth.

"Ah-! Are you okay?" Puffy got up, her hands hovering over Ranboo.

Ranboo nodded a bit, "I bit my tongue..."

Puffy sighed and sat back down, "Alright... it seems that your ankle may be swollen a bit. For now, don't put pressure on it. I'll get an ice pack from downstairs."

The sheep hybrid left the room.

'Doubt an ice pack will cure my problems...'Ranboo thought as he put the food tray aside and grabbed his phone. He scrolled through his messages, stopping at a group chat he hasn't messaged in a while,'Maybe they can help me...'

He tapped on the group chat and typed a message.



Boober: hey gang

Inchboi: WTF
pringles: WTF

Inchboi: RAN????


Inchboi: Bill...
Inchboi: Come on, man...

pringles: you thought he died too!!!
pringles: when they said he was expelled we both went to his house and surprise-surprise
pringles: there was no trace of a 'Ranboo M Beloved' living there!!!!
pringles:@Boober you better explain yourself young man or I'm gonna start sh*tting everywhere

Boober: please don't... do that?
Boober: um I kinda moved?

Inchboi: They made you move again?

Boober: yeah, to a whole new school and a new orphanage which is just as bad as the old one.

pringles: I'm gonna f*ck em up

Inchboi: Same here, no one messes with the beloved and gets away with it

pringles: f*ck YEA

Boober: oop hold that thought
Boober: my ice pack is here

Inchboi: wait wha

pringles: WAS IT AN ORPHAN
pringles: ILL f*ck EM UP

Boober: jeez, you sound like another group chat I'm in...

pringles: *dramatic gasp*
pringles: YOURE CHEATING ON US!?!?!?!?

Inchboi: Us?
Boober: Us?

Inchboi: I'm married, weirdo
Inchboi: Find someone else to be your sugar daddy/mommy


Inchboi: Yes...?

Boober: You didn't invite me :(

Inchboi: Well hey
Inchboi: It's like Bill said
Inchboi: I thought you were dead

pringles: I cant wait until there will be even tinier versions of sneeg running around
pringles: Unless I'm the f*cking babysitter

Boober: Awww, that image is so adorable

Inchboi: I keep telling you guys I can be average height
Inchboi: I just prefer to be tiny to get around quicker and have more energy

pringles: mhm mhm totally

Boober: Believable.


pringles: did we?

Boober: you know my memory is crap
Boober: you're gonna have to refresh it or something

Inchboi: I hate you guys

pringles: nicest thing anyone has ever said to me really

Boober: how sweet
Boober: anyway, something's been on my mind

Inchboi: oh no

pringles: have you gotten over your phase of liking fictional men and finally have a crush on a real one!?

Boober: uh, no
Boober: also Bill, you're one to talk

pringles: *dramatic gasp*

Inchboi: Ladies, ladies, please

Boober: sorry, sorry
Boober: I was talking to my counselor earlier, and she mentioned something

pringles: is this a good counselor or a bad one?

Boober: good one, don't worry

Inchboi: And what did she say?

Boober: something about where I need to be

pringles: wtf

Inchboi: huh...
Inchboi: Did she say anything else?

Boober: she said I needed to be home
Boober: which doesn't make sense to me

Inchboi: Why doesn't it make sense?

Boober: because aren't I already home?
Boober: haven't I been home already?
Boober: probably more than I'm willing to count...
Boober: but I've been home before
Boober: what other home is there?

Inchboi: ...
pringles: ...

Inchboi: Ranboo, when she says 'home'... she's not talking about the orphanage or who you've been housed with.

Boober: what?
Boober: I don't get it
Boober: Is there another definition of home or something?

Inchboi: I don't think this definition of home would be in a lot of dictionaries
Inchboi: What your counselor means is trying to find the place you feel most comfortable, loved, and protected.
Inchboi: Where you feel most at home...

Boober: but I haven't felt any of that in my life
Boober: asides from you guys and the people here who seem to care about me...

Inchboi: And those people will continue to care about you

pringles: same with us!

Boober: thank you, guys

Inchboi: anytime boober

pringles: yw man!

Boober: btw where are the others?

Inchboi: oof pretty sure Jack is on a date

pringles: ethan is getting his 'beauty nap'

Inchboi: Kuno is studying

Boober: ofc Jack would turn his phone on silent
Boober: Ethan can try, but nothing can fix that acne
Boober: figures, he practically married his schoolwork
Boober: Tell them I said hi

Inchboi: will do captain boober

Boober: really need to change my name on here...

pringles: do that, and I will throw your dorky sunglasses and mask into the ocean!

Boober: That's where they went!?
Boober: I was looking everywhere for them!
Boober: And they are NOT dorky!

Inchboi: they are pretty dorky...

Boober: Whose side are you on sneeg!?

Inchboi: the winning one

pringles: HAHAH

Boober: I stitched that mask myself, man...
Boober: You really want to let all that hard work go to waste?

pringles: yep!

Boober: :(
Boober: please don't

pringles: I won't, even if I wanted to
pringles: they are the only things I have to remember you
pringles: and now I find out you're not dead
pringles: still gonna keep them tho


Inchboi: And I got to keep his necklace!

Boober: WTH

Inchboi: Don't worry, it was your least favorite one

Boober: oh, thank prime

Inchboi: I am a SMOL BOI
Inchboi: And you were pretty oblivious to everything.

pringles: very oblivious

Boober: I don't like you guys...

Inchboi: *starts crying dramatically* th-that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to meeeeeee

pringles: aw, how sweet

[ Third Person POV ]

Ranboo rolled his eyes fondly before bidding them both goodnight and putting his phone away. Puffy had taken the food tray, but not before prompting Ranboo to eat a few more spoonfuls, which he nearly gagged through.

She also made sure to situate the ice pack gently around Ranboo's ankle and to wrap it in a lot of paper towels to not let any water get by and irritate the ender hybrid's skin.

Ranboo sighed, finally laying back in his bed.

Honestly, after everything that happened today, he could go for a nice long nap...

His eyes slowly closed, and he felt himself drift off to sleep.


*cries tears of joy*
I feel so proud...!

Also, I wanted to add Sneeg from the beginning, since his and Ranboo's dynamic is so chaotic and I love it, but I went with this route instead. Bill is just an unpaid extra/j

Chapter 19: ※Ranboo's Monochrome Mentality※


I named this chapter after one of my favorite Vocaloid songs, Monochrome Mentality (by R.I.P) :)
The song fits Ranboo so well <3

TWs: Minor character death(s), lucid dreaming, injured ankle still, Ranboo likes joking about his trauma, mentioned child neglect, mentioned doctor's appointment.

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

Time Unknown

[ Third Person POV ]

Ranboo often thought about what it was like to see in only monochrome.

The varying shades of grey, ranging from white to black.

It was like seeing the world on an old black and white television set.

And when Ranboo kept having the same dream in hues of monochrome, he found it to be terrible.

He couldn't imagine having to live life without seeing colors.

His dream was the same as it was every other night; the same monochromatic vision, him being in a body that appears younger and smaller, and the same muffled yelling.

Wherewasthe yelling coming from?

As always, the dream version of himself glanced around his room.

At least, he thinks it was his room.

There was a doorway leading out to a balcony on his right, and to his left was a tall door. In front of him was what appeared to be a writing desk and chair. He could vaguely see books stacked on top of each other and a quill in an ink pot.

Then he glanced down, and that's when Ranbooreallystarts overthinking this whole monochromatic memory and regards it only as a 'dream'.

There in his lap sat a crown.

There was nothing special or off about the crown. It was a normal crown with tiny jewels decorating all along the bottom.

He couldn't tell what it was made out of, but it did have more of a 'silvery glow' as Ranboo would describe it.

Yet the worst was about to come, and Ranboo always dreaded it, comparing it to a scene in an old horror film that one of his old foster parents made him watch.

There was a loud crash in the hallway as well as hurried footsteps. The door to his room swung open, revealing a figure in shiny armor.

The figure opened his mouth, saying something in a different language.

Ranboo feels as if the language is familiar to him somehow, even if it sounded like static underwater.

For some reason, every sound came out sounding muffled. Ranboo didn't know if that was just the dream or if he shot his hearing when he was younger that it came out sounding like he was underwater.

Dream Ranboo stood up, seemingly following the figure in armor, before the dream cuts showing a different room.

Yet it was still monochrome.

The figure in armor was gone, replaced instead by a scene that terrified the young enderian.

He could tell it was the figure in armor, just by looking at the armor.

They were not moving.

Ranboo figures, of course, they weren't moving...

Not after being stabbed through the chest,and armor,and out the other side.

Glancing around the room he was in, he could see other bodies, some even piled on top of each other.

Then dream Ranboo, instead of mourning the loss of what could've been friends or family, continued into a different hallway that was out of sight of the main room.

The dream normally stopped when dream Ranboo reached a staircase that descended, but for some reason, it kept going.

It was supposed to stop at the staircase, but when dream Ranboo started descending the stairs, he internally freaked out.

He didn't know there was more to this dream, he didn'twanttoseemore of this dream.

He had figured out it was a memory a long time ago, just in the form of a dream, but he didn't know his unconsciousness could make him see more.

Is this just his body's way of telling him to remember this event?

If so, whatwasthis event?

And why was it so scarring?

Dream Ranboo reached the bottom of the stairwell, reaching into his pocket and taking out...

A compass?

Ranboo didn't know where the dream him got the compass from, but for some reason, he didn't want to know, seeing that there was a substance on it resembling ink.

The enderian had a feeling it wasn't ink...

Dream Ranboo continued, grabbing a torch that was lighting the hallway.

Ranboo realized just how scary living in monochrome would be if someone went down an alleyway in the middle of the night, alone.

He didn't know if it was his heart that was beating unconsciously loud or if it was the dream Ranboo's heart. Could've been both, as he realized monochrome Ranboo was shaking as he held the torch in his grasp, his fingers clutching onto it as if it was a lifeline.

Ranboo always thought it was weird that in dreams you can be able to touch something, and your brain would make you think you were touching it when in actuality, you're not touching anything.

Lucid Dreaming was always a cool subject for Ranboo.

Dream Ranboo stopped at an ornate double door.

He didn't know what color it was, but he knew what the design on the door was.

Every Enderian's life source... an enderpearl.

Other him slowly opened the door. Ranboo could tell the room was already lit up, he nearly burned his eyes at the grey to light grey monochrome. Other him placed the torch in an empty holder, glancing around the room.

There was a set of short stairs leading up to something. It looked almost like a table from his angle.

There was something underneath the so-called table, something that lit up the room already. It looked to be bubbling.

The only liquid that was hot enough to bubble like that was boiled water or lava.

He went with lava cause why would other him go to a room with a death trap for enderman?

Other him walked up the short stairway, revealing...

Actually, Ranboo didn't know what the hell he was looking at.

It looked like a table, but some had weird holes in them and others had enderpearls in them.

There looked to be 4 enderpearls missing.

That seemed to be no problem for other Ranboo though, shuffling in his pockets and taking exactly 4 out.

Ranboo didn't want to know where he got those from.

Slowly, other him filled the slots in, careful not to drop into the boiling lava.

Once the last slot was filled, there was a loudvwooshsound, and what Ranboo had been calling a table this whole time, was actually what seemed to be a portal.

But where did it go?

He didn't have a chance to finish his thoughts or find out before his other self jumped into it, his dream ending with the sound of glass shattering.



Ranboo woke up with a start, gasping a few times. His hands flew up to his face, trying to see if it was still a dream. Much to his relief, he had woken up.

But he couldn't help but feel as if that dream held some important elements to it.

If only he had a journal he could write in, he would be able to write everything down.


Ranboo's eyes lit up, an idea shining in his eyes. He got up for his backpack, immediately almost falling to the floor because his ankle was still swollen and still had an ice pack around it.

Instead, he hopped on one foot to his bag. He knew he probably looked stupid, but no one was there to judge him.


Ranboo propped himself against his dresser, looking in his bag for something in particular.

'A-ha!'The ender hybrid cheered in his mind.

Sticky notes.

He wrote everything he could on the sticky notes, making sure they weren't specific and making sure they were only one sentence before removing them, and sticking them to random pages in his school books.

Sticky notes weren't always about keeping notes, they could also be useful for different things.

'Such as writing down a dream that seems like a memory and was so scarring that I decided to repress it for years.'Ranboo thought jokingly, yet proudly as he stuck the last note in his last school book.

Then there was a knock on his door. Ranboo looked at the time, surprised that it was 7 am already.

"Come in!" Ranboo zipped up his schoolbag and sat it on the ground next to his dresser.

"Ranboo, what are you doing out of bed?" Puffy put her hands on her hips.

"Sorry, Miss Puffy..." Ranboo hopped back to bed, dejectedly.

Puffy cast him a look, crossing her arms, "It's Puffy when we're not in school."

"R-Right... I forgot." Ranboohadforgotten at that moment. Maybe he was just too caught up in his weird memory-dream thing.

Puffy frowned, glancing at him worriedly, "Well, you be good now. I reminded the caretakers to feed you this morning."

'Yep, totally, as if the caretakers would remember to feed me.'Ranboo deadpanned.'I bet they would rather feed their dead plants than me.'

Ranboo shook away his thoughts, giving Puffy a strained smile, "I will, Puffy."

Puffy nodded before her phone started buzzing with notifications like crazy. She sighed, "Looks like I have to go, Dream and Foolish aren't gonna drive themselves..."

"Dream and Foolish...?" Ranboo muttered, thoughtfully.

"Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you, they're my sons.Chaoticsons, but boys will be boys..." Puffy smiled, fondly.

"Ah..." Ranboo nodded a bit, "They can't drive?"

"I'll trust them to drive when Dream stops competing with everyone and Foolish stops outbesting everyone." Puffy quirked an eyebrow.

Ranboo could see that that meant they weren't going to drive anytime soon.

"I'll see you after school, Ranboo." Puffy patted him on the head, Ranboo nearly leaning into it, but stopping himself from giving in, "You also have a doctor's appointment tomorrow after school is over."

Before Ranboo could respond, the sheep was out of there in a flash, lightly closing the door behind her.

The ender hybrid only crossed his arms and sulked, grumbling to himself and getting ready for the oncoming anxiety he was going to feel tomorrow.


I particularly like this one video with the song Monochrome Mentality by Eelextric Ghost where it's Ranboo's character instead.


The artist is criminally underrated...

Chapter 20: ※"it's a miracle"※


Sorry for not posting in a while, I was busy with work and then I had no motivation to write, but then I got distracted by Hermitcraft fanfiction (more specifically, Griangst) and wanted to write my own, then ran out of motivation again...
This chapter is also shorter than the others because I had no ideas for it...

TWs: Ranboo not wanting help (despite needing it), implied/mentions past injuries

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text



[ Chaos Incarnate ]

WHOPPA: I just realized how f*cking weird our teachers are

Orphan Obliterator: It took youthislong? I'm surprised you're still passing science.

WHOPPA: imma ignore that technoblade
WHOPPA: and instead talk about the weird things our teachers talk about
WHOPPA: starting with Mr. Grian

Man me a sand: WOAH WOAH WOAH
Man me a sand: slow down
Man me a sand: back up
Man me a sand: what was that about our favorite teacher in the whole wide world, jack?

WHOPPA: uh...

Orphan Obliterator: Just letting you know that Wilbur's currently trying to get one of my fencing swords.
Orphan Obliterator: So, uh...
Orphan Obliterator: Watch what you say, Jack.

WHOPPA: I said nothing!
WHOPPA: who said anything about Mr. Grian?
WHOPPA: I certainly didn't
WHOPPA: nope

Man me a sand: that's what I thought.

Liek a da bee: he has a wierd obsession with chickens...

Man me a sand: tubbo
Man me a sand: what did Ijustsay?

Liek a da bee: sorry boss man
Liek a da bee: it's true tho

POGCHAMP: Didn't he change his last name?

Man me a sand: Mr. Grian?
Man me a sand: I think he did

Liek a da bee: wasn't it like
Liek a da bee: something hard to pronunce?

Man me a sand: I don't think it's that hard to pronounce
Man me a sand: zel-kwa
Man me a sand: easy

Orphan Obliterator: Unless the X is silent.

Man me a sand: oh
Man me a sand: yeah
Man me a sand: could be el-kwa

POGCHAMP: why put an x in your name if it's going to be silent?
POGCHAMP: f*cking stupid if you ask me

Man me a sand: you can pronounce it with or without the x Tommy
Man me a sand: literally, no one is stopping you

Orphan Obliterator: Unless Mr. Grian is particular about how his name is pronounced
Orphan Obliterator: Then yeah, no worries.

Kid Collector: I don't think Grian cares how anyone pronounces it.
Kid Collector: He pronounces his friends' names wrong all the time.

POGCHAMP: is that why he says ex-eye-zooma???
POGCHAMP: is he talking about his friend???

Kid Collector: Definitely

POGCHAMP: ...and all this time I thought he was talking about some nerd sh*t...

Kid Collector: technically he still is
Kid Collector: All of his friends are nerds

Man me a sand: does that include you phil

Kid Collector: piss off m8

Liek a da bee: ranboo's not here today :(

Kid Collector: oh yea, Ranboo's gonna be absent for a few days

Liek a da bee: y?

Kid Collector: Puffy said something about a sprained ankle

Enderboy: I'm honestly fine
Enderboy: I don't see what the big deal is...

Kid Collector: Puffy said she was afraid she accidentally hurt you when checking it

Enderboy: I can take care of it myself

Man me a sand: how are you so sure?

Enderboy: I've dealt with problems like this all by myself
Enderboy: I don't need help

Man me a sand: ...
Liek a da bee: ...
Orphan Obliterator: ...

Kid Collector: mate...

Enderboy: It's getting close to lunchtime
Enderboy: I should go
Enderboy: bye

Liek a da bee:@Jeb_ can I visit ranboo pls???

Jeb_: as long as you don't give him a hard time
Jeb_: sure

POGCHAMP: can I come with?

Man me a sand: what's this?
Man me a sand: tommyactuallywanting to visit someone despite disliking them???
Man me a sand: it's a miracle

POGCHAMP: stfu wilbur

Orphan Obliterator: Whyareyou going?

POGCHAMP: what? Can't I visit anyone except tubbo without seeming sus?

Man me a sand: you and tubbo practically grew up together, so it's not that weird
Man me a sand: you visiting other people except for tubbo is weird

POGCHAMP: no it's not
POGCHAMP: besides
POGCHAMP: ranboob and I still have that science project due Thursday

Man me a sand: guess that makes sense...

Jeb_: sure Tommy, you can come along
Jeb_: just don't make a mess

POGCHAMP: how dare you
POGCHAMP: I never make messes

Orphan Obliterator: I disagree.

Man me a sand: ^


Kid Collector: well if you're not making the mess
Kid Collector: is it your band of misfits instead?

POGCHAMP: as the leader of Business Bay, I can say they are messier than I am.

Man me a sand: bullsh*t
Orphan Obliterator: Lies.


Orphan Obliterator: I've met Deo before and he's not the type to just make a mess without cleaning it up.

Man me a sand: and Luke is too awesome to make a mess

POGCHAMP: that doesn't make any f*cking SENSE

Kid Collector: how about you boys argue over whether Tommy is messy after school instead in the middle of class?

Man me a sand: fine...

Orphan Obliterator: I'm already passing in history but I know when to stop, unlikesomeone.


Kid Collector: Thomas.
Kid Collector: Now.


Liek a da bee: oof

Kid Collector: you too, Tubbo

Liek a da bee: aw :(

Jeb_: I will never understand how you keep up with them...

Kid Collector: you say that
Kid Collector: yet you haveDreamand thetotemshark

Jeb_: ...
Jeb_: fair


I'm starting school in two weeks... have no idea how I'll do that with my job and writing on top of it ;-;

Chapter 21: ※"Something's up"※


TWs: Burning from tears, scratches (on furniture, not body), not wanting to be a burden, forgotten past/slight memory loss, mentioned bad workers, mention of kidnapping

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text


[ Third Person POV ]

Ranboo was bored.

Really bored that he decided to listen to Lemon Demon's album 'Spirit Phone'.


So here he was, mind fuzzy as he couldn't comprehend the music or lyrics of his favorite artist. He really should press the pause button, but he figured why do that when there was nothing else he could do? He wasn't just going to lay there, staring at the ceiling in complete silence as the time ticked away.

He didn't want to bother his friends either, they were probably busy with schoolwork.

As Eight Wonder started to finish and the ethereal music played, his vision became blurry, and soon his cheeks started to burn.

'Oh.'Ranboo mused,'I'm crying.'

He didn't know why he was crying.

Maybe it's because of the beautiful music playing in his ears or the fact he was tired.

So, so tired...

Tired of lying.

Tired of secrets.

Tired of being shunned.

Tired of everything around him.

Maybe he should take Puffy's advice. She is a counselor and she's only looking out for him.

He should be thankful he even has others to talk to. He didn't think he would make new friends other than the ones where he lived before.

Ranboo blinked, exhaling a bit. Speaking of his old friends, maybe they're all free to talk now.

The enderman sat up, wiping his eyes real quick before pausing his music. He went to the group chat with Sneeg and Bill.



Boober: hey guys

Spedicey: HOLY sh*t

EEF: wtfitwitis

kunie:*anime gasp*


pringles: ayyyyy

EFF: Is that THE BOO

Inchboi: It is the Boo

Spedicey: holy sh*t
Spedicey: they said you DIED
Spedicey: thank prime you didn't

kunie: we missed you so much ranboo <3

Boober: I missed you guys too

Spedicey: we were all depressed when you left ran

EEF: don't youdareleave us again >:(

pringles: or else I'll throw your dorky mask and sunglasses into the ocean

Boober: I won't!
Boober: I promise

pringles: good boi

Third Person POV

Ranboo rolled his eyes at his friend's antics. Sure, they were a bunch of idiots, but he wouldn't give them up for anything.

He had moments with his friends he wanted to keep close to his heart. Now, all of those memories were just fuzzy hazes floating around his mind. He had hoped to write them down when he had the chance, but it was too late now.

He had forgotten the moments, but he still remembered his friends.

As Ranboo was trying to reminisce, there was a knock on his door. He tilted his head and glanced at the time.

A quarter to 4.

Ranboo placed his phone down on the tableside, "Come in!"

The door opened, revealing Puffy, and two others Ranboo didn't expect.

Tubbo and Tommy.

What were they doing here, in Ranboo's room, of all places?

The enderman was so confused; he barely talked to these two at all.

"Hello, Ranboo!" Puffy said, setting aside her bag, "How was your day?"

"Boring," Ranboo replied. He decided to keep it vague.

"Are those fresh?" A voice asked. Ranboo jumped, not expecting Tubbo to be sitting next to him and staring intently just below his eyes, "because it smells burnt and your skin looks cracked."

Ranboo nearly forgot how good a goat's sense of smell was.

"Oh, um..."

'Keep it vague, keep it vague, keep it vague-'


'That's not even an answer, you idiot!'

"Maybe?" Puffy raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms.

"Maybe no, maybe yes. Who knows? I don't even know." Ranboo rambled.

'Stop talking, you're making it worse for yourself.'

Tommy scoffed, "Weirdo..."

"Okay...?" Puffy crossed the room, grabbing the container of magma cream.

Tommy stood there, looking very awkwardly. He didn't want to sit on the weird kid's bed as Tubbo had done, and Puffy had already taken the only other chair available and situated herself next to Ranboo.

So instead of sitting on the bed or a non-existent chair or eventhe floor, Tommy situated himself on Ranboo's dresser.

He noticed the look Ranboo gave him when he did that.

The two-toned teen was hiding something.

And Tommy was going to get to the bottom of it...

Tommy leaned a bit to the right, the palm of his hand atop the rough, wooden surface.

It felt weird.

There was an indent there.

Tommy sat up, removing his hand as he spotted four scratches along the dresser's surface.

Three of them looked deep and the fourth was barely there. There was also the same shade of brown on top of the scratches, looking as if someone tried to remove the evidence.

Were these intentional? Tommy frowned. Ranboo may look intimidating, given his height and enderman features, but he doubts that the slenderman ripoff could do any harm.

Then again... Tommy looked around Ranboo's room.

There were more scratches around his room.

'The floor, the door, the bedframe... it looks like every piece of furniture has been scratched at least once.'Tommy thought.

Well, everything except...

'The mirror's the only thing untouched, I guess. Not even the frame has a scratch on it.'Tommy tilted his head as he looked in the mirror.

Before coming to the orphanage, Puffy gave Tommy a few ground rules.

One of them is to not mock Ranboo for being an orphan. Why would he do that if he was also an orphan? He didn't know.

The main reason Tommy wanted to visit Ranboo was that he already figured out the lanky kid was an orphan.

Eavesdropping comes in handy, but it can reveal secrets.

Tommy felt bad, for once, and wanted to visit.

But he could tell that this orphanage was hell.

He knew a fake smile when he saw one and all the workers had one.

'They think they're so welcoming just by f*cking smiling, f*cking pricks...'Tommy rolled his eyes and crossed his arms as he thought.

Ranboo looked at Tommy, watching as he crossed his arms and his face holding a grimace,'wonder what he's thinking about...'

Tommy didn't talk the whole time, other than the one scoff he had.

It made Ranboo worry since all Tommy seemed to do was complain.

"I think it's about time we get going," Puffy spoke up as she finished explaining an ender hybrid's water allergy to Tubbo.

"Aw..." Tubbo frowned.

"You can visit another time, Tubbo," Puffy said and stood up, making Tommy look over.

"Are we leaving already?" Tommy asked.

"I mean, it's been like 45 minutes. You two have to get home in time for dinner."

Tommy's eyes widened, pulling his phone out of his pocket.

Huh. It had been almost an hour since they got here.

"Well, okay then. See ya, Ranboob." Tommy hopped off the dresser and walked out of the room.

"Not my name...!" He heard Ranboo call out.

Tommy ignored him as he walked out the doors of the orphanage, waiting for Puffy and Tubbo to catch up. He evaluated everything he saw inside there.

'Something's up with that slenderman knockoff, I just know it...'Tommy bit his lip as he looked down.

"You okay, boss man? You only bite your lip when you're nervous." Tubbo asked beside him, making Tommy look up.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, Tubz." Tommy gave a small smile.

"If you say so..." Tubbo didn't sound so convinced.

"Let's go, boys. I have to return you to your father's or else they'll think I've kidnapped you." Puffy joked.

The two followed the school counselor, Tommy still in deep thought.

'If I want to know more about him... then that would mean I have toactuallyget the know him.'Tommy thought.

Then he sighed,'f*ck.'

Tubbo looked at his best friend,'Something's up with him, I just know it...'


This one took a while to write... I had no motivation, then got distracted by my other stories, then I had no idea which story to work on, and it was just a mess... hope you enjoyed this mess of a chapter tho.
But there might be a Superhero AU (Ranboo-centric), a Band AU (Benchtrio-centric), and the spin-off to this book sooner or later. Probably the Band AU first since it has 2 parts completed :)

Chapter 22: ※"go off I guess"※


TWs: Referenced doctor's visit, referenced almost drowning, referenced falling off scaffolding (not Ranboo, but another beloved character)

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text


[ Third Person POV ]

Ranboo stared at his ankle.

He honestly should've expected this.

'Sprained...'Ranboo mused,'figures.'

He didn't want it to be sprained, but apparently, the world is against him as always.

The doctor scanned his ankle and came back ten minutes later with the dreadful results.

Ranboo hated doctor visits, they always gave the worst news.

Puffy gave him his schoolwork for the week since it was unlikely he would be able to walk on two feet for the rest of the week.

But hey, at least he got an ankle brace in black and royal blue out of it.

And again, Ranboo was bored.


[ Chaos Incarnate ]

Valid Furry: there was a time when I tripped Jack Manifold down the stairs
Valid Furry: that incident was called Jack Manifall
Valid Furry: and then there was another time when I nearly drowned Jack
Valid Furry:thatincident was known as Jack Manidrown

WHOPPA: you humiliated me for the rest of the year.

Valid Furry: some people still remember it
Valid Furry: so make that 'the rest of the year and even now'

Man me a sand: you concern me sometimes, my son

Valid Furry: stop calling me your son
Valid Furry: and I get my chaoticness from you if you're claiming to be my father

Man me a sand: *sniffs* so proud

Orphan Obliterator: There's honestly no reason to be proud of a disappointment, but go off I guess

Valid Furry: WHA

Man me a sand: Techno making a disappointment joke, not clickbait!?!?!

Teakettle: DAMN

Habibi: HOLY sh*t

Samsung refrigerator: ROASTED

rich boi: press f if you need help

Orphan Obliterator: F
Man me a sand: f
Teakettle: f
Epoch: f
Valid Furry: f
Probs an alien: f
Enderboy: f

rich boi: i ment only techno but ok

Epoch: ranboo!! when did you get here???

Enderboy: a minute ago

BI-Con: How are you doing?

Enderboy: fine

Man me a sand:justfine?

Enderboy: sorry, my other friends are trying to distract me

Epoch: you have other friends...?

Enderboy: yes...?
Enderboy: I can't see them tho
Enderboy: they live pretty far

Epoch: ah
Epoch: you have us tho!

Enderboy: I know
Enderboy: I just miss them

Epoch: I can come cheer you up if ya want :D

Enderboy: but you're still in school

Epoch: I will literally ditch school to cheer you up :D
Epoch: Eret will come with

BI-Con: pardon????
BI-Con: I don't think my dad would like me skipping school since
BI-Con: y'know...

Epoch: awww...
Epoch: not even to check on a friend...? :(

BI-Con: No, Karl.

Epoch: but... :'(

Enderboy: I'm fine, Karl
Enderboy: the doctor said it wasn't that bad
Enderboy: I'll probably be out for the rest of the week

Epoch: aww...

BI-Con: you know you can always visit, right?

Epoch: oh
Epoch: yeah
Epoch: kinda forgot we knew where you lived...


Epoch: how dare you sigh at me in text >:(

BI-Con: it deserved a sigh moment

Enderboy: agreed

Epoch:*gasps*TRAITOR! >:O

Enderboy: heheheh

[ Third Person POV ]

"Phil! A moment, please?" Puffy interrupted the Elytrian while he was grading papers; as he always did after school.

"Yes, Puffy?" Phil spoke, not looking up from his work.

"So... you know about the Architecture club, right?" Puffy started.

"Mhm, run by Foolish. Members are Eret, Purpled, Tubbo, and Antfrost. Why?"

"Well, they decided to go outside for a club activity to see who can build the tallest and prettiest building..." Puffy trailed off.

"Oh no..." Phil sighed, stopping what he was doing.

"Everything's fine, don't worry. Just, um... Foolish may or may not have gotten into an accident with falling off of some scaffolding..."


"I said don't worry! Grian caught him- er, slowed his fall anyway. Nothing's broken, but I have to take the boys home for today."

"Thank prime... so you want me to fill in for you?" Phil asked.

"Not exactly... I was planning on visiting Ranboo every day to check on him, but it looks like I can't today."

"So you want me to do it for you?"

"Would you?" Puffy clasped her hands and gave him a tired smile.

Phil sighed, "Fine..."

"Thank you, Phil!" Puffy bounced on her heels, causing a few of her fluffy curls to bounce with her.

"No problem, mate."


Phil waited by his car for his sons. They would be getting out of their clubs soon enough.

Before she left, Puffy said to make sure Ranboo was eating, which made Phil silently question why the teen needed a reminder.

'Aren't orphanages supposed to feed their children?'Phil thought,'Unless it's a situation like Tommy had...'

"Dad...!" A whine was heard across the parking lot as Tommy ran up to Phil, "Tell Wilbur he's a dumbass for thinking you can out beat a coin toss!"

"Woah!" Phil backed up a bit, not expecting to be bombarded by loudness immediately.

"Correction!" Came in Wilbur, just as loud as Tommy, "A group of researchers proved this in 2007 when they flipped a lot of coins and found that a coin was more likely to land on the face that it started on. The researchers put the actual odds closer to 51-49."

Phil wasn't even going to question where Wilbur got that information from and why he decided to argue with Tommy about it.

Techno was barely paying attention, instead listening to an audiobook on Audible and watching the butterflies flutter past the dysfunctional family.

"Alright!" Phil shouted over the top of the two arguing voices, "Just get in the car, for f*ck's sake! We have places to be."

"We do...?" Wilbur muttered, getting in the backseat with Tommy in tow.

Phil ignored him, getting into the car as Techno hopped into the passenger seat.

As Phil started driving, Tommy realized they were going past their neighborhood and into the more dangerous and run-down area of Esempii.

"Why are we going to Ranboob's?" Tommy asked, interrupting the conversation between Phil and Techno.

"Puffy is busy today, so I'm doing it for her," Phil answered.

"Oh." Tommy frowned. He didn't think he would have to find out more about Ranboo this early. He doesn't even know where to start.

'This is gonna go downhill so f*cking fast...'Tommy sighed.


Guess who's back? Back again?~
I have risen from the dead!
And now to go back- to the dead-
Until next time when I rise again-
(a never-ending cycle)

Chapter 23: ※Unofficial Adoption?※


TWs: living in an unsafe environment, isolated from others, Techno's only joking (hopefully). Stay safe :)

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

Still Tuesday



Spedicey:mark has been pissing me off more than usual

Inchboi:prank him

Spedicey:but HOW
Spedicey:I swear that man knows when I'm plotting something

kunie:steal his dog.


Inchboi:you okay, man?

kunie:oops srry
kunie:I meant to type
kunie:steal his dog!

Inchboi:do I need to call Rae again???

kunie:no no no no
kunie:you guys don't understand!

Spedicey:what is there to f*cking understand about stealing a dog????

kunie:just let me explain!

Inchboi:this better be good, I have Rae on speed dial just in case

kunie:I meant steal his dog's love and affection away from him
kunie:make chica love you instead of mark!

Inchboi:In that case, you are an evil man

Spedicey:and a f*cking genius
Spedicey:thank you, sykkunie! ❤

EEF:now I wish I could join just to visit chica...

Boober:I haven't seen chica in a while

EEF:she's grown a bit since you've been gone!
EEF:I wish I could show a pic, but I don't have a recent one...

Spedicey:I can take a pic when I'm at mark's!

Boober:pls do!

[ Third Person POV ]

A knock at the door pulled Ranboo away from his phone.

"Come in!" Ranboo called, sending a quick goodbye to his friends as he sat up.

The door opened, revealing four people Ranboo didn't expect to visit him.

"M- Phil?" Ranboo nearly slipped up again; he had to stop doing that.

"Hey mate, how are you feeling?" Phil asked as he grabbed the only chair nearby and sat beside the bed.

"Good, I guess. What are you guys doing here?" Ranboo tried focusing only on his teacher, but he couldn't help but glance at the Neapolitan trio wandering his room, looking at everything. It felt wrong having wandering eyes most likely judging everything you had, even if they weren't touching anything.

"Puffy's son Foolish took quite a tumble off some scaffolding, so Puffy's taking care of him," Phil explained, watching Ranboo carefully.

Ranboo perked up when he heard that, frowning immediately, "Oh no, is he alright?"

"He's fine; thankfully, a teacher caught him in time, but Foolish wanted to go home early after that," Phil said.

Ranboo hummed, "I understand."

"This room is awfully small for an ender-hybrid." Wilbur pointed out, "I thought the other kids stayed in one room together."

Ranboo looked in his direction, "Well, yes, the other kids stay in rooms with one to three roommates."

"Uh... and what about you?" Techno spoke, seemingly investigating the Enderman's room.

"What about me?" Ranboo tilted his head.

"You don't stay with the other kids because...?" Wilbur prompted him.

Ranboo's eyes widened, "Oh no, no, no! I can't stay with other kids, unfortunately."

"Why the f*ck not?" Tommy spoke up, eyebrows furrowing.

"I've been told I'm not like other kids."

Tommy wanted to make an 'I'm not like other girls' joke, but he knew better than that. Philza raised an eyebrow, his gaze wandering over to Techno's stare, who seemed to be thinking the same thing.

Tommy wandered over to his dresser, fingering the scratch marks along the surface. He didn't think Ranboo was capable of hurting anyone, let alone inanimate objects.

"Is there a leak in the ceiling?" Wilbur squinted his eyes above him, flinching when a drop of water fell on his nose.

"Oh yeah, that's what the bucket is for," Ranboo spoke.

"Bucket...?" Wilbur looked around, seeing no such thing.

"One of the adults borrowed it."

Phil's face kept growing in discontent as he took in the conditions of Ranboo's room. He had no idea it was this bad.

"There's a loose floorboard here..." Techno noted as he tested one of the dark wooden planks.

"Ranboo, tell me," Philza started, "Other than getting adopted, is there any other way you can leave? Even if it's just a couple of days?"

The Enderman hummed, thinking momentarily, "I think so... if someone outside of the system asks, they can borrow me for how many days they want... probably."

Phil turned his gaze to Wilbur, who nodded, then at Techno, who shrugged, and Tommy, who huffed and uttered 'Fine' under his breath.

"It's settled then. Hang tight; I'll be right back." Phil stood up.

"Wha- What's settled? Mr. Minecraft?" Ranboo's eyes widened as the teacher left the room.

"You're on your way to being adopted." Wilbur smiled, patting Ranboo's shoulder, "Just accept it."

"Wha- uhm, okay..." The teenager settled back down.

Techno took the chair Phil abandoned, messing with the various gold jewelry adorning his fingers, "So, uh... I don't think I've asked you, but whatdoyou like to read?"

"Romance-" Ranboo started.

"You look like someone who reads romance." Techno cut him off.

"Th-Thank you...? I also like mystery novels, paranormal, thrillers... horror." Ranboo listed off, "And I picked up a bit of poetry."

Techno nodded, his lip nearly curling into a small smile. He forced it away, not wanting to let anyone know the freshman was getting to him with his interests in the same genres.

"Nerds." Wilbur and Tommy both uttered.

"Jinx!" Tommy yelled, punching Wilbur on the shoulder.

"Ow! Bloody hell, warn me before you do that, you f*cker!" Wilbur held his arm, glaring at his younger brother. Tommy just laughed to himself as he moved away from Wilbur.

"Idiots..." Techno muttered, not even glancing up to see what happened.

"What about you?" Ranboo asked, trying to divert his attention away from them.

"Me? Well, I do read a lot of mythology, but I also like thrillers and poetry." Techno lowered his voice as he whispered something else under his breath.

"What was that?"

Techno made sure his brothers were distracted before whispering again, this time louder, "I also read romance."

"Really?" Ranboo's eyes widened, "That's..."

"Surprising? I know." Techno rolled his eyes before staring centimeters above his eyes, "Tell anyone, and you'll be six feet under."

"Understood, Technoblade." The younger gave a shaky nod.


First off, I'm so sorry for the hiatus. Life got rough... and I mainly focused on finishing the GED program (which I passed). I'm also focusing more on my Eddsworld Series 'Tipping Point' (if anyone's interested). So when I finish the main storyline for that, I'll probably focus on my Minecraft stories :)

Comments are appreciated <3

Also, please DO NOT ask or tell me to update; it stresses me out even more, and I get demotivated when I get those kinds of comments instead of other ones.

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